Shorty Short

I only have time for a quick blurb today. I wanted to share with you some of the websites I found that had the best tips for running your first half marathon.

Things I will need to keep in mind between now and race time...Because by this time tomorrow I will be running and onto consuming food & watching football...or sleeping...or all 3. Hard to believe it's less than 24hrs from when the gun to start the finish will be shot off.

Here are the top websites & my top take aways for tips on running your first half...I'm sure I'll be able to tell you what worked and what didn't.

From Running.Competitor.Com they suggest picking a reason to run. Whether it's for a loved one, to set a personal best, or to raise money for charity. While I wasn't successful in my endeavor to find ways to help our local homeless population, I do know it will cross my mind tomorrow as I head into downtown. I will remember tomorrow that I am blessed and that I have the power within me. Tomorrow, I run for me. I will also likely think of those who can't run, or don't have the opportunity too. I also run for them.

This next one is an awesome list. Pretty hysterical. It's from the Active website by Ryan Wood. Everything from guys cover your nipples because well...chaffing, to don't be in the porta potty when the gun goes off. It's a great one. The best take away, don't waste all of your energy at the start of the race. Pace yourself, and for first timers, don't set a time limit.

From touches on the importance of food intake, hydration, and setting out your gear ahead of time. Checking your clothes, making sure that everything is ready to rock and roll come race day morning. 

My biggest advice? Stay hydrated! Don't amp yourself up two days before the race and be exhausted come race morning. I am trying to just relax, drink water. Keep my muscles loose by sticking to training & stretching. Alright everybody...I gotta run...back to work..."hi ho, hi's off to work I go".

Lastly, wish me luck. PLEASE! LOL, I have been seemingly been having a mini panic between miles 3 and 6. Always before half way and usually after I start. My brain starts thinking, "you can't do this. why are you doing this? It's so far. I'm so tired", send me happy thoughts around 7:45-8:15am when I will hopefully be hitting these mile markers.