What to do when you feel guilty

I didn't realize...mostly...that I wasn't suppose to be pushing it this week. We are 5 days outside of race day & this morning I ran my fastest mile yet! I was excited. I sent a text message to Iron Woman right away, she said "TAKE IT EASY!" lol...she said it more nicely of course, I'm exaggerating...I'm not sure what got into me this morning. I knew I was only going to be able to run 2 miles today so I booked it! I even had a negative split.

As I was coming home, I thought a bug had landed on my glasses only to realize I was dripping sweat onto my glasses. It felt great to purge myself with this morning's run.

Okay, I am having issues getting the photo posted, but it was an 8min 37 second mile...It's fast for me any way. I guess I'm super impressed with people who run 7 minute miles, I am not sure that's what I aspire to do but I'd be happy if I could keep a consistent pace of under 9. It's those things in life :)

One of my friends yesterday said "please tell me it's okay that I ate cheesecake today." This was after burning 700+ calories at the gym.
It got me to thinking WHY do we do that to ourselves? Why do we deny that food is good & sometimes all we want is a piece of cheesecake. We were meant to enjoy our life! And as long as we are following the 80/20 or 90/10 rule we're fine. It's impossible to be good ALL of the time.
I was managing my diet pretty strictly last year. To the point where I drove some of my friends crazy. But I had a specific purpose in mind for my goal and I was by golly gonna get it. Then life happened, and life happened some more & I realized that yeah I might have been strict, but anyone else in my shoes would not have judged me. In fact, they would have done the very same thing.

Now? Now...I will sometimes have ice cream for dinner. I will eat things that have dairy and gluten in them. Sometimes. Sometimes I have more carbs then I am supposed to have.

But we have to live our life. It's when you are consistently choosing the bad food over the healthy food that will make or break your diet.
2 doughnuts for breakfast, starving till lunch where you eat some type of fast food then starve till dinner where you eat 1,000 calories worth of more stuff you don't need...that's what's not good.

Here are 5 rules from Running For Dummies about cheat meals

You see that??? #1?? NO GUILT!!

You can do this! The key is determination and consistency. You are getting better by choosing healthier options OVER not healthier options.
Start now. Start today. Not later, or tomorrow, or Monday. Today. Start today. Choose fruit over chocolate. Eat fresh carrots over french fries, but don't be afraid to once or twice a week eat something you enjoy!

Enjoy Life!

Blessings all, back to work for me!