Balancing two programs

I still have a bit of a haze from yesterday. I did sleep pretty well last night, which really helped but now I sit wondering what I am going to be eating for lunch. My spaghetti squash went bad before I could get to it. I do have to make out my grocery list a weekly menu plan for this next week.

Holy man!!! Are my glutes SORE! I did day 15 of Jaime Eason's LivFit program. She had some really interesting exercises. Like this one! I've never heard of this one before yesterday.

Holy, my glutes are on fire. Not literally. 

I had this really funny dream last night that I had abs...funny because I don't have them...yet. I think the program is really working if even my brain is starting to imagine me looking like  I am RIPPED! LOL.
Yesterday was the start of week 3 for the lifting program. It will be an interesting transformation over the next month or so as I would like to continue my lifting program, but if all goes well, I'll be signing up for a Thanksgiving Day 10k Trail run with my dad this week too. Training for that...starts tomorrow. 
I will have to find some sort of balance between doing some of the LivFit program and running tomorrow. 
What will be EVEN MORE interesting is that next week I get my wisdom teeth pulled...wah wah wahhhhhh.
There will be NO training being had Thursday through probably Monday...bah! 

The important thing is to not get overwhelmed, just do my best, and most importantly HAVE FUN! It will be a Holiday after all! Oh and to take care of myself next week...ANY tips on wisdom teeth pulling for a quick recovery would be much appreciated. I also need to make a bunch of protein smoothies ahead of time, and purchase some chocolate almond ice cream :)

Switching gears here...It is really hard balancing what is good for your body versus socialite pressure. Every one will tell you you're crazy for sticking to such a weird diet but if you know how it makes you feel, if you know you feel better eating healthier then keep being you. I'm trying to keep this in mind as I head into the Holiday season and knowing ALL the types of food that will look delicious. While people will practically be shoving food in your face OR asking you "have you tried this have you tried that? Why aren't you eating?"

I had a friend from high school explain to me her diet protocols for when she goes out who decided to go Paleo/Primal/Whole30 for many health reasons. She said when someone offers her something she replies with "Oh you are so sweet, thank you for thinking of me! But I ate/feel full (fill in the blank.). Thank you so much for offering though!" She says culturally, we're set it up to make people feel that they have to eat in order to feel accepted into a party. I've heard this about drinkers with non-drinkers. 
We ran into this problem a lot when going to parties because my hubby is NOT a drinker, and sometimes I'm just not in the mood. I noticed it always worked out better if I had a drink in my hand. Typically with soda most people won't say anything to you, maybe a "What are you drinking?". Reply honestly and they may make a joke but they feel more comfortable when you have a drink in your hand. 
Same with food. Have a plate of stuff. Go for the veggies, skip the dip, fruit, anything whole. Meat if that's an option. Portion control is helpful too. Grab the small plate when heading towards the smorgasbord table. Remember to drink lots of water. 

These are ALL great tips for heading into the Holiday parties...even the Halloween ones where there will undoubtedly be TONS of candy. 

Remember your goals...although if you feel like you might just absolutely lose your mind if you don't have 1 tiny candy bar (And you don't have any allergen/health factors against the candy) eat that 1 tiny candy bar. Savor it. Enjoy it, but until you reach your goal don't sacrifice your dream for 5 more pieces. 

Alright everyone, I am off to 'russell me up some food.