Fitness Friday/Lifting week 2

What a Friday! Busy at work, busy at home...gearing up for a fast paced , jam packed, crazy, chaotic, weekend...and all fun! Lucky me!! (I really am sarcasm intended.)

This is the end of week 2 of my LiveFit lifting program from Jaime Eason. It's been a great program to start. I am struggling a little with lifting. I noticed I don't have a lot of motivation or rather I am not pumped to go to the gym to lift iron. It's cool while I'm doing it but to get there and then after...

I found these awesome images to get me pumped though the other day! (I apologize for the half naked woman...she's apparently just so hot she's steaming.)

Fun information! Then after talking with my brother, he mentioned how I should set lifting goals, such as adding more reps or more pounds as the weeks progress. Gives me goals to reach. I am really feeling my back muscles right now after today's lifting session and a little of my glutes after yesterdays session.

Today I really had to talk myself into going, I almost started making up excuses. Reminding myself of my to-do list. Here's how I talked myself into it.

1. It's only about a 40min workout
2. It's not hard...(Lie! It was tough...I am starting to feel other sore places the longer I type)
3. Just go. Just go.

I have been drinking the yoli Passion drinks (LOVE THEM) before I go lift. Unfortunately I started drinking it before I left work and had errands to run. I was super hyped walking the store when I didn't need to be. It made me punchy and irritated. Do yourself a favor wait to you get closer to the gym to start any sort of energy drink/pre-workout.

Start the awesome music in the car to get you even more pumped. Fast packed stuff. I had a lot of Demi Lavato going before I got to the gym.

Aright everyone, I have a MASSIVE To do list! I gotta get at it. I probably won't be able to post tomorrow but will get back to you on Sunday night before the Walking Dead starts ;)