Food Goals

I was thinking more about a "clean eating" diet this morning as I consumed two deliciously toasted pieces of Ubi's Gluten Free Whole Grain kind.  Would these two crispy creamy peanutbuttery delivery systems be considered clean? And if it's processed does that automatically make it not clean?

According to WebMd  the things you cannot eat are overly processed foods such as foods that contain high amounts of sugar and white flour. Artificial sweeteners, stick with agave nectar and honey. Sugary beverages, juices, and alcohol. No foods with chemical additives such as food dye or sodium nitrate...(what is SODIUM NITRITE? Apparently it is a white powdery substance that is used mainly in the manufacture of fertilizers...basically a salt in find in processed meat...why is it bad for us? If you check out the PubMed website a list of things pops up. I am but a lay person. Some of it is beyond my knowledge base but read through the research to form your own opinion.) 
Also no Saturated or Trans fats.
Avoid foods with preservatives, artificial foods, see for a list of fake foods. If you read that list I am doing pretty good...except for a few Oreos last weekend.
And anti-foods...check out Healthy Eating for a list of foods.

I think all in all I lead a pretty balanced diet. If I follow this list I can eat my tasty toast! A Paleo diet would rule this product out entirely.

My food goals:
PORTION CONTROL. I am a former over eater. I definitely still struggle. Especially when it comes to sweets. I think I will limit my intake of cheats to Friday and Saturday nights.

Make sure I get enough...I found this handy tool online today...

(I did have a 3 brush with anorexia when I was younger. It serves no purpose to your body to under eat. Your body EATS itself when you don't have enough.)
If you use the calculation mine was fairly accurate. You are never just going to be able to eat just 1,200 calories for the rest of your life, every day. Some days will be (in my case) 1,600 and other training for a half marathon...will be up to 3,000. Make it as clean as possible!

Continue to track my food to make sure I am getting enough. My Fitness Pal (you can follow me on the can also now follow me on pinterest!)

Really need to keep a restriction on sugar. Oddly, it will help my energy levels. I still need to eat more vegetables. I should have had carrots and pumpkin seeds for a snack today but after eating a lot lunch that was semi-spicy, I endured "heart burn". Or...rather an inflammation of my tummy that made it feel like it was on that heart burn?

I did make it to yoga today! Tomorrow will be busy so I won't be exercising tomorrow...possibly. Right now I know I just need to sleep. Lots of sleep.

Anyway...keep it clean. I'm out.