Food Struggles

I have been struggling with fitness and healthy choices since the half marathon. With back to back family events, out of town Just life. How does one find motivation?


This weekend I tried concentrating on what I was putting into my mouth. I wanted ice cream, and the delicious adult drinks at the engagement party.

I asked myself "is this going to satisfy you?" If the answer was yes I would eat it. As in I did have pizza, but it was serving size. If it wasn't going to satisfy me or help me feel my best the next day I wouldn't.

Today I ate 90% good. I did have corn chex & a few dove chocolate. I hate to say it, but the carbs and sugar were back this weekend!

I think I lost my motivation. It's official. And right before the Holidays...I need to kick it into gear. I need a tangible goal.

I know! I need a purpose. What is the purpose for my healthy eating? I don't need to lose weight. Eating to much of gluten and sugar does make me sick, but I know where my threshold is. It's not that I don't EVER want to have sugar, just very rarely.

I am not looking to fit back into any particular outfit but the rest of that list is GREAT. 

This is also a really great list over at colobod2 about 13 weeks to cutting out processed foods. It's not a bad idea to try. It takes 21 days for something to become a habit. Which is really only about 3 maybe 13 weeks is a bit intense. 

Right now I am trying not to eat anymore chocolate. I know that more chocolate will not serve me. I had some, I was satisfied...or so I thought. Now all I want is more. I will try this 13 weeks to a more clean eating diet. I'll start with week 1, which is eating 2 vegetables or fruits with every meal. This plan calls for 3 meals a day, but I eat more like a hobbit. Which is 5 meals a day...or rather 3 meals and two snacks. With having PCOS I should only have about 2 fruits a day, so my goal..more vegetables this week. I want to go back to clearer skin and boost my energy levels again. I also need to make it a point to do some regular exercise this week. When I move, I feel better. Tomorrow...ugh...after my early morning networking meeting, I will go to the gym. 

I will report back tomorrow and let you know how it goes! 

Sending you blessings everyone.