Paleo Shredded Mexican Chicken

Last night after I grabbed tea with a friend (I have taken to drinking lots of decaff tea. I love tea, but caffeine and PCOS do not mix well together. There's mixed reports on coffee being good for women with PCOS, so I just as soon stay away from it...98% of the time, no one's perfect ::winky face::) I was reading an article on diabetes.
It got me to thinking about women who suffer from or who have PCOS have an increased risk of developing diabetes, if they do not suffer from it already...(I tried looking for a better article to explain this but, wasn't able to find a good to fully explain. I'll try later this week.)

It really got me to thinking about my choices for the day though. I had intended on making this awesome shredded mexican paleo chicken recipe but well...I forgot to turn the crock pot on...or rather...even forgot to put the chicken in the crock pot. I forgot!!! Okay??? LOL!

We ended up eating fried chicken last night and I had a cheat dessert caramel apple, I felt so guilty! None of it being paleo or allergen friendly, then on top of it thinking about the carbs and what that does to my system. I enjoyed what I ate though, I don't feel terrible today...surprisingly. No fast heart rate, no upset tummy. I'm assuming it's because I ate fairly well through the week. I checked the scale this morning and my weight didn't fluctuate dramatically. In fact it stayed the same, so that's good news!

Everything in moderation though. I think since I so epically enjoyed a cheat last night I am sticking with good foods and non-cheats until later this next week.

Today for breakfast I had 2 fried eggs in olive oil with oatfit oatmel, (it is low in sugar((1g)) and carbs((18g) and a half scoop of the vegan protein powder I use, and 3 prunes.

For lunch I will have 4 or 5 chicken meatballs, these are premade and have brown sugar in them but it's not a whole lot if you consider the impact of the rest of the sugar you will eat in a day. You can always make your own meatballs as well, but in a pinch these are THE BEST premade meatballs for high protein snack and/or meal. I will eat the meatballs with fresh carrots and broccoli(I will warm mine up in the microwave).

For snacks: I will have pumpkin seeds, an apple with 2 tbps of Justins Almond Butter
I will need more than this...but I don't have a game plan yet for additional snacks. Since I'm off early today I will probably have a smoothie before dinner with more protein powder, spinach, almond milk, and mixed berries.

Tonight for Dinner I will have THIS AMAZING CHICKEN RECIPE (It needs to be shouted from the rooftops because it's that delicious, oh and SUPER easy).
I found it at Paleo Perfectly it is Paleo Crockpot Mexican Chicken. I threw about 4 and half chicken breasts in an olive oiled crock pot, added 1 cup chicken broth (Simple Truth Organic) 1/3 cup of salsa (also simple truth organic) then onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, cumin, black pepper, and red pepper chili flakes. I've made it once before & it is PERFECT. I tossed it all in a crock pot, stuck it on low and left for work. It will be all done by dinner time. (On low it will be ready in 6-8hours, just shred chicken with a fork once done.) I will probably saute mixed fajita vegetables and possibly use the Beanito's chips with them. (These are not paleo because they use rice in their ingredients).

That is my day of food though...all pretty high in protein, low impact carbs, some processed foods...I did read the ingredients labels though and it's all stuff I can pronounce and no nitrites.

I gotta get back to work.

Blessings everyone,