Pre-Game Halloween

I have been preoccupied with many other things these last few weeks! Training, lifting, work, bible study...busy! With a capital B. To the point where I didn't realize NEXT WEEK IS HALLOWEEN!!!
Halloween is a HUGE deal at my house! We receive anywhere between 175-300 kids a year! 

You migh be able to see why it is one of my absolute FAVORITE HOLIDAYS! (After Easter.) The in-laws and the out-laws (I tried to make a funny) all come over to the Goe house and bring the kiddos. I make them dinner and then send them off to go tricker treating. 
I have done nothing,all day, but put my game plan together for the next Friday. I wanted to wait until next week but maybe if I tell you now, you ALSO will have time to put together a Very Paleo Halloween...or at least a Clean Eating one.

Here's the Menu!

Appetizers: Skeleton Shaped Vegetables, and a Medusa type fruit pumpkin, Dried Scabs and Zombie Vomit(Chips and salsa)

(Listotic for above pictures)

Main Course: Roast Beast with roasted pumpkin poop (Working name for the roasted carrots) and shrunken heads
(Whisk Together- this is only the picture. I won't be using the recipe. I just place a roast beef in the crock pot add salt, pepper, parsley, garlic powder, and onion powder, cover with beef broth and water turn on high for 4hrs and viola...dinner.)
I am going to use the same recipe I used for the BBQ-Off we had earlier this year for the carrots...I might call them roasted zombie fingers. I'm not's that recipe again.

The shrunken heads in this picture are actually apples & I can't find where the pictured originated from but I am using the premise for potatoes. Which will make the shrunken heads serverly disfigured but I'm goin' for it. It will add to the spook of the day!

Dessert will be brought by the family, I would like to roast and puree my own pumpkins to make pumpkin pie...but I may have been overly ambitious with everything else.
I will get back to you on the pumpkin pie. I might have time Friday night or Sunday to attempt to at least pre-roast and make them, but will keep you posted. 

Alright everyone, I am out the door! I will post again tomorrow!