Shorty Short Sunday Runday

I have a few minutes right now and wanted to get a chance to post before I run off again. I went on a mini "trail" run this morning. Just over 3 miles. My run time wasn't great. Almost 12 minutes each mile. When a few weeks ago I was under 9. But I trooped up and down hills all over the grass, dirt, and gravel.
The smell of left over burning embers from fall night fires. The crunch of the leaves under my feet. The beauty of the red and orange playing out over the ground and dripping from the trees. I just couldn't help but smile as I ran past mini pretend cemeteries, skeletons, and Happy Halloween signs everywhere. I'm sure I looked pretty goofy happy as I kicked up leaves and smiled at the fake ghosts attached to porches. It was beautiful.

Here's a few more motivating fall running photos.

Blessings everyone, enjoy the scenery!