Supernatural, the Road So Far...

(First, I'm sorry for my absence over the weekend, I'll explain tomorrow but for homage to my FAVORITE show)

With one of my absolute FANGIRL FAVORITE SHOWS RETURNED LAST NIGHT, I've have been just itching to write this post!

First a Trailer!

I know I've posted TV workouts before, but these ones really help me work out. Anytime I can't get to the gym, especially with the weather about ready to start turning colder, I tend to veg in front of the boob tube. 
Supernatural has reruns on TNT during the day before I head to work, perfect for not wasting time leaving the house to go back in doors to workout again. 

Without further a due here are a few great workouts to my favorite TV show of ALL TIME!

(photo credits included in picture)

Blessings Everyone, looking to be an epic season & I can't wait!


Amy Caroline said…
You are so funny! I saw one episode and it freaked me out. Nope. no way! lol
Amanda Goe said…
If you liked this you'll REALLY like Sunday's ;)