My other favorite show is back on TONIGHT!!!! In 4 hours!!!!!

It's going to be SO EPIC! I really hope everyone can hope. I just pray it's none of my favorites which are...well...pretty much all of them...Today after completing The Walk for Love for the Shriner's Hospital I have come home to mad clean my house and make some delicious clean snacks. What better way to get PUMPED for The Walking Dead tonight more than some Zombie Apocalypse Training.

 (My best time to date. Two 8min 30sec miles and one giant hill with a 9min mile. Came in at 3.2 miles at 29mins. I was excited. One must ware camo on the Walking Dead Day)

I always thought running was a great way to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. When Iron Woman and I run we sometimes will use hand signals. We also have a certain pattern. I run on the inside and she on the outside...well...that could be more of a me thing.

Get your Zombie Killer Bod On!!! Prepare for that Apocalypse!


(Picture credits in photos)
Blessings everyone & "May the odds be ever in your favor"....oh wait...wrong post apocalyptic show.