What do you want?

Women think because they have love handles that they're ugly. Because they have cellulite that the world should have to wear blinders to not see just how AWFUL it looks.
You are not ugly because you have extra skin, or stretch marks, or have 5 more pounds than the scale says you should have...or EVEN 15, 20...60...THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU UGLY!!!

I was giving someone a spray tan earlier this week and they apologized by saying "I got a personal trainer, I'm sorry you have to look at this." What is someone suppose to say that other than "OH MY GOODNESS! No you're beautiful!!! Why did you get a personal trainer?"
"Because I want to be in shape. I don't look the way I used too. I'm used to being smaller, but then I had kids."
Girrrrrrrl...you should be proud of everything you've accomplished in your life thus far. Just because I am smaller than you doesn't mean anything. I used to weigh 80lbs more...

I know the struggle, but I also know that beauty lies in the struggle. When you work get to where you want to be, you discover who you truly are.

Or when watching Girl Code yesterday how we as women SHAME each other for food choices...BOTH WAYS!

"Why are you eating a salad? Come on eat something! You're too skinny."
"You don't know..maybe I had a bowl of ice cream for breakfast."
"Oh I'm only eating this way because I am having juice."
"You shouldn't eat those french fries...aren't you trying to lose weight?"
"You don't know...maybe this is my first cheat in 2 weeks."

NO! ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE WRONG!!! (Sans when you are truly worried about a friend because they always make trips to the bathroom after eating, or they frequently skip meals or they constantly over eat....check out mayoclinic.org for more comprehensive list for eating disorder symptoms.)

I struggled with this when I first started my diet. I was afraid to eat certain things because I wasn't sure what it was going to do to my body. I was afraid my sugars would be all out of whack, it would cause my hormones to crash...but once I figured out how to balance...took me almost an entire year(+/-) to figure out how to balance good carbs with protein. 

The only reason why I stuck with it though was because I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to stabilize my sugars and get my hormones on track. I had an end goal. 
I kept exercising because I knew...and I will admit...laughingly...that I wanted to be a ninja. YES! A ninja. You know that scene in the Avengers where Cobie Smulders runs and jumps into the jeep after the shoot out with the bad guys?

(Please excuse the music...I'm sure it's good, I just didn't listen to it...but the way she kicks butt in the first minute of the video is what I'm getting at.)

That's how I want my body to move. With the grace and elegance of a dancer but with strength and assurance of a samurai. So basically a ninja warrior woman. 

You will never be happy with yourself unless you know what you want or what you want to become. Accept where you are in your journey. Love what you have to offer now. 

Do you want to be happy with yourself? Then flex that self love muscle more. Do you want confidence? Start telling yourself how beautiful you look everyday, despite your flaws (We all have them.) Do you want cut abs? Then you have eat right and exercise. 

The results will follow if you focus on the change.

What can you change? Can you take your kids to the day care so you can do some cardio for 30 minutes? Can you change that full bowl of ice cream into a bowl of fruit with whipped cream instead? 

Change what you can and the results will follow.

You are beautiful despite the best efforts of your negative committee that meets in your head. One thing I've noticed...I've had one tiny cheat each day this week. My moods have stabilized a little and I'm feeling better. (Tonight I will have a "cheat meal" though...okay so it's really two oatmeal raisin cookies & a sprinkled covered caramel apple, but I ate REALLY well all week, and these carbs have been allotted into my daily allotment.)

You are beautiful, no matter what you think.

Even the bible says that beauty comes from within.