What a Sunday

I had the 10:45am coffee bar for church this morning...I normally do the 4:30pm lol...so you might understand why I was a little bit late. Everything worked out. No worries. Plus I worked with a woman who gave great directions. I realized a bill came out early, I've been fighting an oncoming tooth infection, and I totally, TOTALLY took a chunk out on the underside of my toe from the old bathroom tile this morning...

 However...right side up. I spent a WONDERFUL day with my sister and mom. Food and shopping, with two of my favorite girls? Love. MY sissy even bought me a scarf! I made it to the gym 10minute warm up, focus was upper body. I was only able...or rather I only challenged myself to...using the 10 pound dumbbells for most of the exercises and then a few abdominal crunches. I threw in a few squats and lunges with 95 pound barbell, because I desire to shape and tone my legs.
Aside from the cheat meal at lunch today, I did fairly well.

I did spend part of the day being...grumpy but Matthew 6 popped up in my daily bible verse reading plan. It really helped. I've now sat down after my busy day to nurse my tooth and just relax.
Then I saw this verse today.

Alright everyone, I am off to relax my brain and watch some football.

Oh! And just in case your having a bad day here's a buzzfeed list to make it better!