Hunger Games Inspired Workouts

It should be no surprise, if you read my blog with some regularity that I was going to do a post like today! In honor of the Hunger Games: Mocking Jay: Part 1 arriving in theaters officially tomorrow (depending on where you live, maybe they'll do a 10pm showing or a midnight showing) I have scoured the web for a Hunger Games workout.
I started by doing a couple of yoga warrior poses. Check out Yoga.About for the entire sequence.

Then I followed it up with this bad boy. I will say though I did the first "rep" as shown here, but I think I pulled something the other day while lifting, and my side was just aching! So I kept it low impact for the following 3 "reps".
If you are looking for something more intense here are more high impact, with weights, exercises to get for you own revolution against bad/unhealthy habits! (Cheesy, no? But you see where I'm going with this.)

This Insane workout from SnapFitness:
Or this massively insane workout! Only 11mins! (She does dual language to explain the the sequence and the workout.)


I finished the workout with a dying warrior pose...not exactly the most motivating, confidence boosting name the stretch felt good.


Or check out her video of the warrior sequence.


And of course "May the odds be ever in your favor!"