Paleo Movie Snacks

I got to thinking, after talking with a client about Paleo, how there HAS to be some sort of delicious snack options out there that A. Don't make me feel deprived at the theaters & B. Feel sort of like a treat/cheat.

I did what I do best, I took to the Paleo interwebs & I've found some really neat snacks. While I haven't made any of these yet, we are headed back to the theater tonight to finally see The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 (totally wrote catching fire earlier!, please excuse the error)!!! There's a possibility I might make some before heading to the theater.

These sounds amazing, but we first need a dehydrator...Raw Buttery Popcorn from The Rawtarian (Picture from website!)

Paleo Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies from I am Domestic Diva.(Picture from website)

Zucchini Chips from My Whole Food Life (Picture from Website)

Other Snack Ideas could include:
Pumpkin seeds
Any sort of roasted almonds, sans sugar
Sunflower seeds
Look for a recipe for baked sweet potato chips
Roasted Chic Peas

Although, I'm not sure how strict most theaters are on bringing in your own snacks...It's probably frowned upon. So maybe eat before then head out to the theater. Sit back and just enjoy the movie. Maybe even bring a mio to mix up your water if you're feeling really uncertain about not being able to munch during the movie.

Alright everyone, I think I need a nap before the chaos of the next 24hrs ensues...should be fun!

Blessings everyone,
And thank you. Thank you for being faithful readers. I am very thankful for you. You keep me honest. If I didn't blog or write every day, I don't think I would be as focused as sticking to the healthy. You all keep pushing me forward.
Thank you so much.


Anonymous said…
This is awesome! I just finished writing up a post on family movie nights and I was going to write next week about treats for those nights, lol.
Amanda Goe said…
I think I am going to another post next week on this too! I found some awesome bars at the local grocers that were great when we saw MockingJay Wednesday night!