Sicky Sunday

 I am writing this from the couch today. In my pajamas. I have caught my husband's head cold. It's not bad, I think I got ahead of it in enough time that it won't last nearly as long as his & I think I only have half of it. No body aches but MAN am I exhausted! And my sinuses are draining.

I apologize I didn't get to post yesterday. I was packed at work all day, which was good, but then we had the extended family Thanksgiving over an hour away right after work. I didn't get a chance to get behind a keyboard.

Delving right in, my allergen friendly Thanksgiving went very well! For the most part. The cranberry sauce was a bit bitter on the back end, or rather the after taste was anyway.

Lucky me I still have some leftover. I plan to throw it in a smoothie later this week. My pumpkin pie had great consistency. The crust took a bit of working...and didn't turn out like the recipe AT ALL...I basically just kept adding olive oil and earth balance spread until I got to a dough like crumble texture and mashed it into a pie crust. The husband said, "The crust is different." which means he did not like much. My mom said that the pie itself needed pumpkin pie spice. I was unaware that that was an actual spice I might have needed.

I plan to make it again, with a different crust recipe and pumpkin pie spice. The apple crisp was great. I had so much crust stuff left over from attempting the pie that I just used the left over placed it over sliced apples and then baked for about 30mins. I do plan to make the apple crisp again. As it was well received by most everyone who ate it. I guess I'm still a novice Paleo recipe maker...but we all have to start somewhere. I did not get a picture of my apple crisp unfortunately. The carrots I made were from a gluten free slow cooker cook book my sister bought for me. I also didn't get a picture of it, but everyone who ate the carrots, loved the carrots! Instead of the roasted rosemary, I made something in the crock pot. Rather than trying to use someones stove or try to warm up the carrots again, I figure why not put it in the crock pot??

Honey Ginger Carrots
1-16oz bag of baby carrots
2 tbsp orange juice
1 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp freshly grated ginger (Or ginger seasoning as I realized my ginger had gone bad)
1 tbsp orange zest
1 tbsp fresh parsley (Or again parsley seasoning...)

Place baby carrots in the crock pot, mix the rest of the ingredients in a small bowl and pour over carrots. Cook on high for 3-4hrs or on low for 6-7hrs until carrots are fork tender.

Overall, I think because I came with desserts and a plan, I didn't feel like I missed out on anything. Which is amazing. It even gave me courage for this 3rd Thanksgiving we had to only pick whole foods. Lots of fruit, vegetables, and meat. I even skipped my uncles famous potato salad! I didn't feel jipped though. Other than this head cold though, I was amazed at how perfectly normal my stomach didn't hate me after any of the gatherings we attended. It was worth it and has me looking forward to the rest of the Holiday season with confidence. 

I doubt I'll be able to run today or go to the gym as I have cancelled all plans with family & friends. My body feels like it hasn't slept in walking up and down the stairs exercise enough for one day ;)

Alright...I'm off to munch on some food and take another nap. Next step...Christmas planning.


Hope you are getting some rest and feeling better!
Amanda Goe said…
Thank you Caroline! I'm feeling better today, still not 100% but getting there.