Sunday Runday, Remembering to be Thankful

Sitting down to the keyboard finally this weekend. It's been a bit of a whirlwind. We took one of the nephews out to a movie, saw Ms. America before she heads East. Today I finally got out for a run. I haven't been running as much because I am trying to build muscle but after becoming and developing a pattern for running it's almost as if your heart cries out for it. My legs were itching to feel the power within them. No matter how jiggly they may be. I needed to move and It was a decent(ish) run. I only ended up doing two and half miles. It was grey, damp, and slightly drizzling. It didn't stop me though...

What did stop me from completing 3 miles was a CREEPY GUY at the park gazebo drawing pictures on the ground!
Okay...he may not have been drawing pictures but he was still long haired with a beard and mustache and WEIRD! So I vacated the park and stayed clear of the gazebo...Although...I was singing while I possibly MAY have been the weird one. Either way...better safe than sorry. I was out.

This last week has been stressful for a multitude of reasons. I was talking to a fellow "soul cycster" (A fellow friend with PCOS) and talking about how...we are able to control are symptoms with diet and exercise but how sometimes our symptoms control themselves. It's frustrating, because sometimes I want to eat ice cream and not think twice about it but I know how it makes me feel afterward. This weekend was one of those weekends where all I wanted was to just straight out cheat. I wanted...still want...all the chocolate. I won't lie, I had quite a bit.

I read a great blog post earlier today about being thankful all the time, especially in times of stress. Find the one thing to be grateful for. I should be...and am thankful that I have discovered how to be healthy. How to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

That even though a friend is moving, I can appreciate all the time we have spent together. That I have memories of happiness to cherish. That I can run. Being stressed and thankful reminds me to take it back to the most basic stuff. Things that other people don't have. Clean water, warm blankets, family, my pets-that are spoiled rotten. I can spoil my pets. We got to go to the movies last night & it was awesome.
When you are standing on the brink of making life decisions, of facing thankful. I got to talk to one of the most amazing women today, just to bounce the frustrations of having PCOS off of. I am thankful, that by having PCOS, I am able to connect with some friends at a much deeper level then I might not have been, if I didn't have PCOS. That by having PCOS I have discovered how to be healthy. How to enjoy how healthy FEELS.

So, I decided to make choices this weekend that made me not feel good. I am planning on having an amazing Thanksgiving. A clean eating one. I am thankful that I can purchase fresh vegetables in a store, with cash, that I can make and serve to family that I will be spending time with. The Broncos WON today!!! I have a smart fun, my amazing friends are texting me right now....

I am thankful for much. My cup overflowth. I am blessed.

I pray you all are well and remember what to give thanks for in your own lives this week. Try to find the hard to see silver lining.

Blessings everyone,