What my Health Journey Taught Me: Part 2 The Cancer Battle

After all the wonderful people I talked to, it's hard to decide whose story to share next. They each have brought something amazing to the table and each have walked their own crazy path to weight loss, positive mind set, and overcoming MAJOR obstacles/hurdles and set backs.

You can follow the 5 part post...although it might turn into an actual 6 part post...but I'll keep you "posted"...LOL (say post one more time...post.) Start from Part 1.

This next woman, is nothing short of miraculous. Not only losing weight but OVERCOMING CANCER!
Yes! Cancer. At just 30 years of age and being diagnosed with endometrial cancer, she's had a full hysterectomy, due to fear it had spread, and had previously lost 30lbs. She is a full on warrior, and her name is Krystal.

A woman full of spirit and light, she has the kind of soul that everyone instantly falls in love. You automatically want to make her your confidant. An amazing artist, and lover of all things Halloween, she's truly discovered the amount of strength it takes to overcome and keep going.

"Things I have learned about me during my health journey, I have an inner strength I never thought I possessed."

"{Never} forget to Breath!" I know this one all to well. Sometimes you just have to sit back and just really take a breath. Look around and reorganize your thoughts. It's true about life, it's true about fitness. When working out, if you forget to breath, you literally, will pass out. If you don't breath through a set, if you don't breath while you run, you will lose oxygen to the brain and faint. (Women faint, men "pass out"...or so im told) Breathing allows you to think through every movement you are doing. In life, it helps calm frayed nerves, and settle the heart.

"Positivity is key. I learned to surround myself with positive thoughts and people. Went on a negativity diet." It's inspiring to hear other people do this as well. Last year, after a major set back with my PCOS I really needed to take time for myself and for my husband. Staying in a high stress job that paid well no longer was worth it to me anymore. Yeah, we were paying bills, getting ahead...friends even joked at one point that we were "The Jones'" that everyone was trying to keep up with. We had worked hard and paved our own paths, but the constant frustration and negativity that came with a job such as my last one, just was not worth it anymore. I knew if I was going to take a chance on myself that last year was the time to do it. I wanted to see my dreams come true and it meant no longer having to please other people. I am not make as much now, but I am so much happier than I was last year.
Krystal, really shows this to be true. She always has a kind word, a smile on her face, and always believes in the strength in others. When your surround yourself with positive people, you yourself radiate the light you choose to be around.

 Krystal goes on to say "Take pleasure in the small things that make {you} happy. The simple act of putting on black fingernail polish started to get me out of funk". This is especially true when exercising and dieting. Don't get frustrated when you don't see the results you want. Can you lift 5lbs more than you were able to last week? Can you walk up a flight of stairs without losing your breath? Can you do a head stand me yoga? Celebrate THOSE things. Especially when dealing with, struggling with, and surviving CANCER! Focus on the small things every day, that will add up to a more happier you. Were you not as sick as you were today than yesterday? Are you 1 month out? 2 months out from treatment? I remember bringing a peanut butter blizzard to my cousin who was in treatment who sufffers from cancer lesions. The medicine was making him horribly sick, but looking forward to a giant blizzard from Dairy Queen helped make his day a little better.

Krystal swears by music being a wonderful healing tool. I have a client who will only play Christian radio in her living room to help bring more positivity to her household. A two time cancer survivor herself, she knows that having the right mindset starts with what you listen too. Especially music.

Along with remembering to breath a big lesson Krystal says she learned was to take one step at a time. "Sometimes the big picture is too overwhelming." Especially true of a lifestyle change. Radically changing your diet is overwhelming. Having to lose any amount of weight is daunting but if you take it one step at a time, 5lbs at a time, one workout at a time, one meal at time. The task ahead is easier to tackle.
 (Day of Surgery)

Her last two important lessons she learned? "Let people help me, I am not alone."
And most importantly "To have faith in God and myself. Together me make a great team"

Sometimes when starting out with Christianity, fully relying on God is a hard concept to grasp. Even full blown believers still have a hard time with this. Giving over your worriers or concerns can maybe seem like a crutch but the truth is letting God take control frees you to be a more happier, joyful person. Jesus came so that we may have life, and enjoy it to its fullest. How many times does the bible say to cast your fears on him? Or rather give up all the things that are worrying you. Countless times he says "Do Not Be Afraid, for the Lord your God is with you."
If you're checking out Christianity, I recommend checking into any of your local churches. Find one that speaks to you. Check the bible app at bible.com, get plugged into a bible study or life group. You don't have to walk your faith journey alone.

For more information on exercising & cancer check out the American Cancer Society's page on cancer, diet, and exercise.

Thank you Krystal for sharing your journey. You are a champion.


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