When is a cheat meal to much?

I'm not sure about you but I am being a crotchety cranky old lady this week. I was in a texting conversation with Iron woman last night & I made the comment "That's stupid. People are stupid." Without much delay her response...literally seconds within sending that I get this back. "OMG! Ur too funny, have you been eating processed sugary foods?! Jk!"
How did she know??
Okay, it's possible she reads my blog.

But still do I really get this moody when I decide to eat terribly?


Honest to God, I just wanted to cheat a little bit...a lot o' bit on Saturday night. I've been craving popcorn and peanut butter m&m's chalk full of stuff I shouldn't have but TOTALLY ate anyway.
I literally woke up with a sugar hang over on Sunday. A very real, a very legitimate head spinning, sick stomach, heavy feeling bang over.

How do I know how much is to much? I'm not a heavy drinker so usually one or two glasses/drinks I'm done. With PCOS I really have to watch my sugar intake. Sometimes, when I eat to much sugar my heart beats super fast...at least I feel like it does anyway...there's a small possibility I'm a hypochondriac and that just makes me think I've had to much...either way...I know I don't feel good when I eat an abundance of things I shouldn't.
I don't believe in cheat meals, but this still tickled my funny.

I think with each misstep though, we figure out exactly where our exact next step should be. I decided a couple weeks ago that I need a better formula for cheating. (That sounded weird...) But I need a more overall plan for cheating on my diet.

What cheats to allow & just how many. Not only are cheats encouraged while dieting, they're allowed. I have decided that I a conclusive list.

Today was a great day for overall health. I lifted & I've had plenty of water & tea. I ate clean all day. My mom sent me this awesome text about her incredibly healthy & delicious smoothie she made. Really got me pumped to skip the crap & eat well.
I think I'm still paying for my poor choices this weekend which really makes want to keep Turkey Day the most healthy Holiday I'll have to date. I will post my cheat list more definitively within the week.

Wishing us all strength against the bad food & bad company. Lol, just kidding. Have a blessed Holiday.



Anonymous said…
So how did Thanksgivjng dinner go? We did pretty good, although we did have red potatoes. ��
Amanda Goe said…
I'll post about it tomorrow, I had a post that was more on the forefront of my mind for today's post...although...the hubby makes a joke that might make you squirm...lol. So you were warned a few posts in the post to look away when the joke pops up!
Potatoes sounded good yesterday, but both sets were made with milk, wah wah wahhhh...
No judgements on my part, because I would have cheated a little and had some.