You know your an athlete when...

Today's my birthday! 

It was a pretty great day! The hubby took me to breakfast & then the family took me to my FAVORITE restaurant for dinner!  They serve THE BEST gluten free pizza in town. 
All day, I kept thinking about my food goals. I am back down to my "ideal weight" but it doesn't mean that I have been eating the right things. Such as a bite of something gluten here, a plate of french fries there. These things cause me to not feel good & then the acne starts popping up again. 
I wanted to be able to enjoy my birthday but at the same time concentrate on healing my gut & acne. 
I think I've decided on more specific food goals. Such as, still sticking with no gluten, no soy. Mostly no dairy EXPECT maybe on special occasions. Try to eat as clean as possible. 

I've also been thinking about what some of the lessons I've learned from my health journey are. 
I'll share the one that really stuck out in my mind today.
Everyone should do at least 1 thing, at least one, that pushes them to their psychical limit. Sports wise, anyway. Whether it's lifting, or running a half marathon, or attempting American Ninja...whatever it is that you think you might be able to do. Try it. Try it to the best of your ability. Practice. Go Insane. Eat Clean. Train Crazy. I learned so much during my half marathon training about life, and health. I had time to think about goals & plans, but at the same time I was able to zone out, let go, enjoy the moments that were leading up to what the most amazing challenge is. 
If you aren't challenging yourself, you're not living. 

 I am not even sure I can express what it felt like to cross something like that off my bucket list. It helps you connect with the world, see things differently. I promise you will never look at yourself the same way again. You don't have to run a half marathon. Whatever your journey is. Even if it's just losing weight, even if it's rock climbing, or mountain climbing. You will feel whole and invincible.

 Alright everyone, its getting late, I'm not going to church it up any longer...but I will write more tomorrow...for's a snap shot of my gifts. You know you're an athlete when...

You ask for things like foam rollers and running gear for birthdays & holidays. No one questions it, and you even get gift certificates for new running shoes...OH GLORIOUS DAY!

Thank you to my family and friends for being the most amazing people. I love you with all of my heart and soul. My cup over flowth.
Thank you to my readers. You guys keep me honest & keep pushing me to move forward. You are amazing for taking time out of your busy day & supporting me. You are also amazing for wanting to push forward toward your health goals and finding the motivation to keep going. 
You are worth this journey. 
Talk to you all tomorrow.