25 ways to nourish your soul

I'll probably keep this one short as well. I just really wanted to touch on destressing though. The holidays are hectic. I don't know what holiday you celebrate this December, but no matter what it is, it is important to remember to take care of yourself this season.

I met up with Iron Woman for dinner. It was so good to talk and reconnect even though we weren't running. Although, I'm sure we would have felt even better if we had been running, but it was good to see a friend.

I hate...nay, loathe Christmas shopping...kind of. I enjoy giving the presents, but I hate the process of it. I enjoy spending money I have, but mad because I have to spend money. Love seeing the faces of loved ones as they open something either unexpected or expected. But I hate wondering if will it fit? Will they actually like it? Did I get the right color? It's to much. Plus, having to watch my financial statements to make sure that my number didn't accidentally get stolen. Sigggh.....I need a personal shopped.

I'm half done. I only need small stuff now.

But after talking with another friend who, although has been doing a good job of taking care of her body physically, isn't really nourishing her soul.

You have to take care of yourself in order to take care of others. You give the best of yourself, when you treat yourself well.

This time of year is especially important. When exercising, it's like scheduling meeting times with yourself. Better yet, it's like scheduling a date with yourself. Do. Not. Cancel.

Do small things for yourself this season.
1. Get a personal trainer
2. Get a manicure
3. Put the kids to bed early
4. Read your favorite book/watch your favorite movie.
5. Go on a date with yourself.
6. Go on a date with your best friend
7. Go on a date with your significant other.
8. Drink more water
9. Enjoy a cup of tea.
10. Buy yourself a present...tell no one.
11. You could throw yourself into giving to others who truly can't pay you back. For instance, at the salon we are donating to a new veterans home for those who were on the streets. This week one of girls has been dedicated to shopping and wrapping presents. I got to take a tiny part in this today, of wrapping...not well, but I got it done. LOL. I really truly appreciated everything I had to look forward to when going home. Warmth. Water. Food. Not everyone has these things. Doing something for someone who can't return the gift, it really makes you appreciate what you have.
12. Make a gratitude journal
13. Don't watch movies that make you ugly cry, in bad way.
14. Make a plan to hang out with a really good friend AFTER the Holidays, gives you something to look forward too.
15. Look at pictures of beaches, for even a minute you can pretend you are planning a vacation. It'll boost your happiness hormones, at least for a little bit...I can't prove it but I'm sure it's a thing.

16. Buy yourself flowers
17. Stretch
18. Hug a animal...if your an animal lover
19. Take up photography
20. Go to one of those drinking and wine glasses. Now those are fun!

21. Read the bible
22. Pray
23. GET A MASSAGE! Even a half hour one can help!
24. I love Chaos in the Mess's idea of letting go of social media! Check out Chaos in the Mess for 6 ways to nourish your soul when you don't have time.
25. Exercise, do yoga, go for a run.

Alright everyone, I gotta get to bed. Goodnight. Thank you for reading, but seriously. Take time this month to take care of you. Everyone always says "there's time for me later." Later usually becomes never or to late. Don't wait. Take care of yourself.
Thinking of you all, may you be well.


P.s. Ugghhh...still 2 days behind on my plankmas...better get at it...
P.p.s. We officially decided on NO Christmas tree this year. However we found an awesome $3, 6inch tall, 3 inch wide tree...we will decorate on Christmas eve.

Love you all.