Baking Roundup

Just in case your still baking and needs ideas, here is what I made Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday...
I'm what you would call a picky Paleo Eater...and NOT The greatest cook but getting better. I have rated my desserts according to this...5 being absolutely making this again tastes great and CRAZY easy to make, 3 being it's 50/50 but there's a small chance I might be the only one eating these, and 1 being-that was terrible, never making that again

Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies from Wellness and Workings 5, above and beyond 5. These are amazing and I had a hard time staying out of them.

Easy Paleo Vegan Gingerbread Man Cookies from the Real Food Guide. I'm going to give these a 4. It had a few extra steps and I may have slightly freaked out when I realized I needed to add mashed sweet potatoes, THEN a genius idea struck me, use canned took some work but they tasted amazing.

Grain Free Sugar Cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie, I'm going with a 3. Easy to make but there's a good chance I'll be the only one eating these...I also may have added to much almond milk. Otherwise pretty delicious. I'll give them another go.

Black Bean Fudge, sounded interesting. These get a -1. They killed my blender and don't taste very good. I'm tempted to try it again, but I'm still pretty upset about my blender.

Grain Free Pumpkin Bars  from Dexinista OH THESE DEFINITELY GET A 5!!!! Can't wait to get into these tonight. 

And homemade apple pie using a gluten free mix from Bob's Redmill. Full of sugar but no gluten/dairy/soy. I used the apple pie recipe on the side of the bag with a strudel topping. I haven't tried it yet...I just hope these taste good.

With all this said...the ultimate test is for other people to try them. My husband very much disliked the grain free sugar cookies. And it's possible I'll get some side ways glances from certain people & few suggestions on "what might make it better"'s to spending time with others the next two days! Cheers everyone!

Merry Christmas & God Bless,