Lifehacks for Fitness

Crazy days, jammed packed Holiday madness. Not to bad, actually lots of fun. Basically my posts might be kind of spotty between now and the new year, but I will try to continue to post as regularly as possible.

Onto Today's Post... 

I subscribe to which sends me daily emails about how to make your life easier. Simple tips for just about everything in life.

This week I had to great lists. The 1st one being 7 Reasons Why An Exercise Routine Can Boost Other Areas of Your Life.

Anjelica Smilovitis, author of the post, first goes on to list the benefits of what exercise can do for you physically. I won't go over those here...because I swear we've all heard what exercise can do for the body physically, which still doesn't seem to get people moving. It's true though! I would say, "Yeah, it's good for my heart, but..." fill in the blank with whatever excuse you can think of, I'm sure I said it.

But exercise, can boost other areas of my life??? Now there's a question! I experienced this first hand. My mind felt sharper. I was able to let go of anger & stress during certain workouts. Running freed my mind to focus on things that I actually needed to be focusing on. Which in turn, helped me get those things done. As well as setting a goal and working towards it. Increasing mileage for a half marathon really showed me what it meant to stick to hard goals while still pursuing something incredibly important & rewarding.

I think Anjelica's most interesting area was number 6. "It makes you a sharper business person". She states "I have used exercise as a way to put aside my concerns and be open to ideas.
Focusing only on my workout and nothing else, the most creative thoughts have come to me, as well as words to write about. Also, whilst pushing myself, I visualize how the effort I put into my workouts can be applied to my work. It is a great way to find solutions."

Kind of neat. I can't say that I have totally thought about marketing strategies as I'm pumping iron...right now I'm more concerned about doing the sequence and the routine correctly. Maybe once I become more familiar, I'll let more ideas flow. I do, when I do run, have some pretty stressing relieving thoughts. In fact it was during a run that I decided I was going to take the job I am currently at. I knew I needed to take a chance on me. This was going to be my opportunity, so I owed it to myself to take the leap.

Check out the full article, posted above, for her other 6 reasons why it boosted other areas of her life.

Okay! Stop everything you are doing and go check out this recipe over at Beauty and Foodie now! It. Is. The. Best. Paleo. BBQ. Sauce. EVER!!!!! I have ribs in the slow cooker right now and I was just making up the sauce to pour over it. I tried it of course, and it was great.

I've never worked with molasses before but after only spending $3 on it, I was convinced it MADE the sauce.

Which reminds me...I Should check my ribs now...

Blessings Everyone,