Merry Plankmas

Two of the stylists at work have come up with an idea this December to do a Plank challenge. Whoever is interested at the salon, will practice the daily goal and then on December 31st, New Years Eve, we will have a Plank Off! A plank that we will have to hold for 3 minutes!

Here's the schedule! (There is a photo credit in the picture but it leads to a bogus website, so I would not suggest following it.)

It's perfect for setting the mood this Holiday Season. Whatever it is you may celebrate, this is perfect for getting you set up to maybe try the gym next year. To be a New Years Resolutioner! (It's a new word I've just made up.)
This time of year can be hard for people wanting to stick to a diet plan. You can try really hard this Holiday Season and start fresh by attempting a total lifestyle change, but I guarantee it'll be almost impossible. (Although the very word says "I'm Possible")
Either way, starting with something like a plank could really do the trick. If you aren't up for committing to a full plank on your toes, go to your knees, if you don't want to do a full plank with extended wrists, do the dolphin plank as shown in the picture above.
If you want to step up your game do the dolphin plank on ONE FOOT! WOAH! Gettin' crazy! Tailor the workout to your body. Your strength needs.
You may find that as you increase the time, your strength increases too! Or if starting in a dolphin plank is not your cup of tea quite yet, start on all 4's just remember to brace your abs, brings your shoulders over your hands, so that your hips are lower than your shoulders, and your ankles(on the floor) are lower than your hips.

(Picture from

Or over hands...
(Picture from Yoga Outlet)

 Check out Athlean-X's YouTube on the different levels and variations of doing a plank. (He does state that the dolphin plank is harder, but it's easier for me, as I do not like to put to much pressure on my wrists.)

Or you can get SUPER crazy and use a step to elevate your feet or place your shins on a yoga ball for even more of a stability/strength challenge.
OR, check out this video for more nuts-o plank variations

Admittedly I have NOT been good at these challenges in the past, mostly because there was no one to hold me accountable and I plainly just forgot. (I may have made up that word as well 'plainly').
This time, I have put a reminder to go off every morning to remind to do this. Whether I'm hitting the gym, or staying home to exercise, I will no longer have an excuse to miss a day.
Plus, we have it on the calendar at work so I will really need to keep up the work.

This exercise is great for strengthening and toning your abs, hamstrings, biceps, and upper back muscles. (Depending on the variation you decide to use.)

I will keep you posted as to my progress & hopefully post a picture of the challenge itself, but for now. I have accomplished day 26 of Jaime Eason's LivFit Trainer as well as a 30sec plank. I am on the road to MUSCLE-TOWN!

I think one of the reasons that I am so pumped or excited about this is because there will be other people here at work doing it as well. See if others where you work will do participate. Ask your spouse, a sibling, a friend. Spice it up put something on the line too. Purchase a 1hr massage for the winner, or a $20 gift card, or buy them their favorite book. Something to make the effort more of a goal. Set a goal and stick to it. Having a daily reminder to do something simple, whether it's a plank challenge, a squat, challenge, or even a push up challenge can be just the right motivation to stay on track this December.

Good luck everyone!!!



Anonymous said…
Oh! I'm late, but count me in!
Amanda Goe said…
I will text you and make sure you are doing it!
Anonymous said…
You better! I did it today. I counted to 40, so I am
Guessing that it was closer to 30 seconds. You start counting faster there in the last stretch, lol.