Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I wrapped the last of the Christmas presents tonight...well sort of. I still have to wrap and ship one more they're obviously not getting it by Christmas, but...maybe a Happy Birthmas Year present? LOL...Oh well...

Tonight's post will be short. I made the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies tonight as I was wrapping presents and watching Holiday Hallmark movies. Here's the recipe again...from Wellness and Workouts

And here's how my cookies turned out...they were SUPER delicious.

Now if I can only stay out of them until Thursday. And keep the husband out of them as well.
I'm still searching out more recipes, but I have plenty of time to bake tomorrow for tonight, I'm looking for ideas.
I said I wasn't going to have any added sugar until Christmas, but I blew that today. At least it was portion sizes...mostly ;) and it was all allergen friendly...totally.

I didn't do my plank today but I have a touch of the tummy bug so I am using that as an excuse. I will get back at it tomorrow. I did do 1hr and 45sec plank on Friday and it was INTENSE!!!!

Alright...I'm definitely burning the midnight oil.



Amy Caroline said…
I was wondering about those! Gad you tested them first. :)
Amanda Goe said…
I may...or may not have to make another batch. I did use Maple Syrup instead of honey, but they were still incredibly good...I hope I can stay out of them, LOL!