Post Holiday Carnage

I braved both families with some experimental paleo foods the last two days. With 2 of our 4 Christmas gatherings in the books, I can finally relax.

The cookies did NOT go over well AT ALL...with the exception of the chocolate chip pumpkin cookies...I think it's because for whatever reason I thought...yeah...cookies belong in the fridge after baking...yeah...they don't. So they were semi-mushy. The pumpkin bars weren't touched, but we have 1 more gathering this weekend where I'm sure someone will try them. And the non-paleo gluten free vegan apple pie was loved by everyone. Of course, the one chalk full of white sugar goes over VERY WELL. LOL... oh well, such is life.

I was really nervous yesterday trying to make sure I was balancing my carb intake with my protein intake, as to not cause a significant rise in my blood sugar, and making sure I didn't over stuff myself. I also decided to not long my food & had a two a few bites of things on the "do not touch list" as in, I had a few bites of corn and mashed potatoes.
I lost a pound...can you believe, on a day when I wanted to just eat whatever I wanted but within moderation and while being mindful of my PCOS.
Okay, it wasn't a whole total pound, but I still saw a small drop on the scale. I feel like that means I managed my food options pretty well. I also drank a ton of water, some hot lemon water, and tea. That probably also helps.

Just means I can eat more this weekend, LOL...enough bragging...

At dinner last night, my sister, who has started a weight loss journey or at least a new healthy eating journey, said "ah screw it, the day's already lost" as she reached for a cresent roll...I said "You know sissy, messing up your diet because of one bad meal is like slashing the other 3 tires when you get a flat"

Probably not what she wanted to hear...or what I should have said on a Holiday fit for feasting. She, very laughingly, chucked the crescent rolled back into the bowl witch ricocheted and hit our brothers new fiance in the chest. It was quite comical all the way around, although I felt bad saying that, and in hindsight should have just let her have a day of cheats, it doesn't make it any less true. 
She did eat a SUPER healthy breakfast with toast instead of pancakes and egg whites instead of pancakes. I don't know what she ate for lunch at her future in-laws...she could have eaten great there too! 

So, any other day of the week, if you screw up at one meal, don't do it at the next. It's only a setback, not a failure. 
Keep heading towards your goals!
I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday week. I am blessed and get to stretch mine out till next week. Tonight's date night, tomorrow we have our 3rd Christmas gift exchange and then new years day we will have our 4th and final exchange. Wish me luck!
"The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty." Proverbs 21:15, basically slow and steady wins the race.

This morning I happened upon this awesome blog post at Fooducate, it's an article about 5 things Jesus would have eaten around this time of year. Take a look, it's pretty cool!

Blessings Everyone, 


DanceLaughLuv said…
Hi there - Love that quote! I need to remember it. Congrats on staying on track during the holidays too!
Amanda Goe said…
Thanks for stopping by Dance!