SuperSet Sunday

On Thursday I discovered what a Superset in lifting was. I weight lifted in high school, because quite honestly I thought it was an amazing gym class. I loved pretending to pump iron, when I actually did it, I really did like, but I didn't apply myself like I probably could have. When I started lifting again, or really for the first time, actually applying myself, I forgot what the heck a rep and a set were.

I also forgot to count the weights on the bar. Silly me! So the first couple weeks of using the BodySpace App, my numbers are skewed because I FORGOT EVERYTHING there is to know about lifting!!!

It has been fun learning new exercises and then when I apply myself in the gym and I am sore the next's kind of fun to realize you've kicked your own butt, in the best way possible.

Okay, enough lifting a rep is the number of times you perform a specific exercise, and a set is a number of cycles you complete. Take push ups for example. Let's say you do 1 push up (that would be 1 rep) 6 times...that equals 6 reps. When you stop, take a break, say around 30-45 seconds then do another 6 reps, that equals 2 sets.

Now supersets are essentially two exercises back to back that target opposing muscle groups, OR doing two exercises back to back without taking a break! My first super set was a bent over barbell row, and a seated cable row. Both target back muscles. I actually couldn't figure out why I had two exercisers schedule like it was on the screen, but I thought, OH NEAT! I get to pick one! Yeahhhh, that's not a thing.

 (This is from the Body Space App, Jamie Eason Live Fit Trainer Program. The picture is for day 32 of the series. But you see how the two are right on top of each other...I got confused.)

You have to do a desired number in a desired amount of time. Once I figured out that I was suppose to be doing these exercises back to back, WITHOUT resting in between, well life got interesting. That is one way to fatigue your muscles. Again, in a good way.
I really encourage everyone to try lifting or incorporating it in some way to your exercise routine.

With lifting you build muscles which boosts your metabolism, the higher your metabolism the easier it may be to lose weight. Cardio, such as my favorite sport running, is good for your cardiovascular system. So while I choose running, that doesn't have to be your thing. I swear by it, but really pick the activity that speaks to you. If you don't love it...or at least love to hate it, you're never going to want to come back to it.

Today, I wasn't able to get much done. I got waylaid this morning with all of my morning activities then my afternoon was spoken for...then to be reduced down to an irritating cough and a tummy ache...I did not work out. I ate mostly well, some processed stuff...but I think the main thing was the extra carbs I had. I haven't decided if they were worth it, and the tummy ache led to me rescheduling on Iron Woman for dinner tonight....

Le sigh...either way. I did pretty good I would say.I stuck to my goals & my own personalized cheating regime...again...that sounds really weird. LOL.
 It really helped having my goals written down and out there. I really stuck to them!

Today I wasn't able to get to the gym and I forgot to do my plank yesterday! OOO! My aunt over at Knit Together informed that she forgot to do her plank as well yesterday. She said, let's do it twice today. So today, on this Sunday, for my superset I am doing two 45sec planks. Shouldn't be hard...right?

Good luck to us all. Find a friend to do the plankmas with, it's not to late!

Good luck!!!



Amy Caroline said…
You were speaking Greek in this post. I tried to translate it but it didn't work. ;)
Seriously, I love weight lifting too. You are making me want to get back in there. I am so scared to start again after such a hard pregnancy! But the desire sure is there.