Beauty, Dinner, and a Blog

Tonight's post is going to be a random spattering of sorts. One of the reasons for my blog...which I didn't really realize, is to help me or remind me to lead more of a natural life I guess. What I mean to say is I am aiming for total health. Besides physical, I am shooting for spiritual and emotional well being as well. I am attracted to things that are all natural and don't require a lot of work, in other words things that cause less stress in my life.

Last night, after a fun conversation with my sister in law, I was inspired to do an at home, all natural facial. I've complained talked about my issues with acne. While I am always in search of the next and greatest thing, sometimes it doesn't hurt to take it back to basics.

2 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 tsp organic honey (creamed works best, but I used the regular organic kind-just makes the facial more watery)
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Mix together in a bowl and then using a clean makeup brush paint onto your face.

Depending on which website you click on it says to leave on face for 15minutes all the way to 30minutes. I left mine on for 15minutes.

My paste was a bit watery but once it dried it became darker and hardened.

 It came off really well. My face also smelled like pumpkin pie & really you can't be mad at life when your face smells like pumpkin pie...just sayin'.
Unfortunately I didn't get a before picture but I swear to you it brighten my FACE & got rid of some dirt. My skin felt great afterward.
Still have quite a few scars but this morning I was SUPER impressed with how smooth my skin felt. I should mention I did use bioelements kerafole mask on the bigger pimples. I left it on over night.
But I was really happy with my skin this morning. Minus the scars, but I am back to using the lemon juice twice a day.

Okay, NOW for dinner. This recipe is the ULTIMATE soup. I pinned it the other not realizing it was a pioneer woman recipe. I love her recipes! The are rich, delicious, EASY(okay, some of them are easy), they are all things food should be. She however is NOT Paleo. Which is fine, but I just have to try and tailor some of the recipes to make them Paleo.
It is the Hamburger Soup Recipe. Oddly, I was starting to pull up pinterest to start making the hamburger soup when I hit play on the DVR Pioneer Woman episode and guess what??? She was making the Hamburger Soup!
As much as I know about Paleo, I think I can as long as you take out the potatoes, this recipe is a great Paleo Soup. 

You can also toss this in the slow cooker which is awesome. If you leave out the beef, and use vegetable stock instead of beef stock/broth...whatever you want to call it...It would be a REALLY good vegetable potato soup. Viola you have a vegan soup! Noms!

And last but not least, a blog that I have recently fallen in love with is Fooducate. Do you get it? It's food education! Hemi takes processed food and really puts it to the test! They even call companies to get their comments. It really helps me when making decisions when I have to take shortcuts and use processed food. There's recipes, fun food facts, they're the advocates for Real food I feel like sometimes! It's a great blog and everyone should check it out!

Alright it's late, hope everyone has a great Tuesday and I will be back tomorrow!!!