Hanging Leg Raises & Arm Day

I got back at the gym today! It was amazing. I was a bit nervous because I was tasked with accomplishing a hanging leg raise, from my day 39 of Jaime Eason's Live Fit Trainer Program.

I had to do that in public...in the gym! In front of other people...other people who ACTUALLY LIFT!
I've never been one of those people in my life. Those people who go to the gym and take each machine with confidence and grace. Knocking the rest of us out of the water to shrink back home in our mismatched outfits with holes...okay, maybe that's just me. I was going to look like a supreme nerd. I conquered my fear though. The first set was hard. I got six done took a rest and then finished the last 4. I was able to accomplish two more sets with with 10 reps though.

Originally this program is suppose to be 12 weeks long...due to my work schedule & the holidays, these 12weeks have stretched on since October. I'm only in week 6 of the program. Which basically means I am 6 weeks behind schedule. I should be completed with a totally transformed muscular body right?
LOL! Well...not quite. I am really enjoying the program, but I also make time for what my schedule allows. Don't get me wrong, you still have to schedule the time at the gym to get your stuff done. You have to wake up early, go to bed late, leave your house a mess...you still have to dedicate the time, but you also have to life your life too.
Basically I've only been able to tackle her 6 days a week workouts at 3 days a week mixed in with running & yoga or at home videos in order to stay on top of my fitness and my life.

For instance, today, having stayed up late last night in order to make dinner & wait for the hubs to get home plus clean up some of the house, I slept in late this morning. I got up had breakfast, but by the time I got to the gym I wasn't able to complete the FULL workout.
Okay so I only skipped out of 15minutes on the elliptical (which should have been 30minutes) but my doggie girl seriously needed a bath!

So today, while the laundry still sits unfolded, and the dishes need to be put away, I can tell you today, I am a conqueror of fear. I am a gym warrior. I was a good pet parent! I can tell you...my arms hurt. LOL! (So many arm exercises today!!)

Alright everyone, thank you for reading! I hope your new years resolutions goals are going well! Good luck!