If you don't log a workout, does it not count?

I was torn between heading to the gym and lifting or staying home & getting housework done. My house was at the point of no return. The kind of "when was the last time you checked that the trash can was full? What's that smell in the fridge? Have I vacuumed recently?"

But, I will take my wifey award now please, because I ALSO achieved an awesome at home workout!

I think it's at about half way through and she does this thing called a surrender.

These things are no joke. I would equate it to the pain and endurance of a burpee. Go ahead...do 15 of these...tell me what you think. Also...follow up with 20 more minutes of exercise.
Here...I'll help you off the floor now. LOL....okay, so I didn't do 15 of them, but it sure felt like it.

I wasn't able to log it on my BodySpace app but I did get the workout logged under calisthenics on myfitnesspal. This workout is no joke. There were a couple moves I had to modify just to keep up with them.
It did make me wonder...if you don't log your workout, does it not count?

Nah! It totally counts! Get to it warriors! Build those muscles! Burn those calories! We are only 28 days into the new year! How are your resolutions coming along.

You can totally achieve a great at home workout, with little to no equipment. Not having a gym membership is no longer a valid excuse for not getting into shape!

Alright ladies and gents I'm off.