Non-stop, Being a Girl

Life has been non-stop lately. And tonight I think my hormones ate the freezer. Yesterday I woke up in the worst "I-think-I'm-so-ugly-and-bloated" mood ever.
Plus part of a comment has crashed landed on the right side of my nose which makes me a cousin to Rodolph, I think...basically...all of this led to a watery eyed hello to one of my mom's dearest friends this morning. Which led to me looking for some encouraging words.

(Daily makeover)

Remember your worth? Sometimes it's easy to forget. After another abysmal run on Friday night, losing a gift card my parents got me for Christmas and, quiet honestly, my irrational moodiness, it was a bad day.  I kept reminding myself to not let the devil steal my joy. 

Some days you just have to push through. Everything worked out in the end. I'll run tomorrow morning which I'm sure will be MUCH better then Friday night...Cabela's was able to fix my lost gift card problem, which led to the happiest girl on the planet...that's me!

A cup of tea...

And dinner with a friend, I think I was able to come out ahead on this one. What I didn't realize is the first 5k of the year is next was pretty much non existent but better late then never. The last time I ran the Superbowl run, I had just come off of a major tummy bug, so I can guarantee I'll do better this go round! 
Here's to lookin' up.

Every day is a journey. 

Blessings everyone,