Sunday Runday

It's been quite a while since I laced up and got out on the streets on a "Early Sunday Morning". Especially in the damp cold.
I went back into the house...twice. Once for a different head cover & then again for gloves.
All I really wanted from today's run, other than justifying a crappy run Friday night & an overindulging Saturday night, was to run by the library. It's weird how sometimes it's just awesome to pick a destination and go. It's only about a 1mile and a half from my's probably because I've been wanting to check out a book, (unfortunately the library didn't open till noon ::sad face::) that I've been wanting to go by there. Running to my destination was liberating, even if it was just a small distance.

Today's weather conditions also made for a pretty decent run. Windy, Damp, rainy...pure perfection. Not overly windy. I hate to much wind on a run.

The first mile is always the hardest, especially when getting back into the swing of a training schedule. When I first got started my brain was trying to figure out why I was running. I took a couple of hills to really pay my body back for the sugar I've put into the last few days. It was hard to figure out a breathing pattern and my legs/feet wanted to just give up already. I was determined though.

Armed with some quick quotes found on pinterest, and the realization that my first 5k of the year is NEXT SUNDAY! I was going to get out there!


Unfortunately, I got some photos but none of them were great...but A runfie is totally a thing & I will continue to make it a habit!

Since I didn't get a great one's one of B & I after our walk on Thursday. I got a new running shirt, it has a loop on the collar to hold your headphones. I'm in love with it.
Blessings everyone, I am off to bed!