Weekly Menu Post

I did have to end up stopping at two stores to get my groceries, but I did come under budget for my groceries and that ALWAYS makes me happy. I just really tried to shop the sales and pay attention to what was cheaper. I orginally needed two pounds of ground beef but grass fed beef was NOT on sale apparently, however ground organic turkey was! It's also a much healthier, leaner meat. I was pretty excited as it was almost $3 cheaper. Making small swaps like that can really add up. I also did some trickery. I bought pears and 3 green apples for .99 cents instead of a bag apples which ended up being cheaper as well.
I feel like I scored at the grocery store last night, which makes me for a happy girl.

Here's the menu for this week: (I left out breakfast because it consists of nut butter, fruit, and egg whites. Depending on the day I follow up with a smoothie/protein ball...etc.)

L: Left Over Pad Thai
D: Crock pot Chicken Fajita Soup

Fri 30:
L: Left Over Chicken Fajita Soup
D: Paleo Tex-Mex Casserole

Sat 31:
L: Left Over Tex-Mex
D: Salmon for me & Steak for the Hubby

Sun 1 (Super Bowl Sunday): 5k SUNDAY!!! RUNDAY!!!!
L: Chiptole Chicken Salad (No dressingrice/beans, double the chicken, add fajita peppers guacamole)
D: Chili (The weather is suppose to drop here, and after running and watching a game I'm going to want something amazing for dinner. This is my favorite no fail chili recipe I have found)

Mon 2:
L: Left Over Chili
D: Low Carb Burger-- I will post this recipe Monday, I've tweaked it quite a bit since the last time I have made it.

Tues 3:
L: Chicken Fruit Wrap (Using the left over lettuce Monday night's burger)
D: This is the Hub's B-day so I will be taking him out to dinner. I will eat within my restrictions...just not sure where we are going yet.)

Wed 4:
L: Pest Chicken (Skip the Cheese)
D: Meatballs (I'll post this recipe next week as well)

Thur 5:
L: Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Pancakes
D: Salmon for me & Steak for the Hubby

Hard Boiled Eggs
Peanut butter Protein Balls with Chia Seeds
Smoothies...this is my favorite!
Pumpkin Seeds
And another DIY Protein Bar Recipe which I will share...next week, lol!

Enjoy Everyone,


Anonymous said…
Going to check out the chili recipe!!