Why I Run...

Yesterday was a good reminder of why I run. Why I am in love with running.

We got some bad news the other day. A family member who is quite possibly losing their battle to cancer and another will be moving for a period of time. It was a lot to take in, in one day. Goodbye's are never easy, and even the "see you later" phrase can be hard to mutter when you would really rather prefer that they got to stay with you. That's life though. As one dream of a healthy hopeful future passes away, another dream is set in place that will take them on another grand adventure. Albeit possibly a crazy one, but one worth pursuing.

It took me forever to get out the door yesterday. I did know that even though I should be training, what I really wanted was to run for those two people. After lacing up my shoes and braving the wind...again, I headed down to the park and synced my phone to start the music & to track my miles.

The first mile wasn't great. Never really is. It takes me a while to get back in the swing when I take time off. As with everything in life. I did set into a good pace before the end of the first mile and that made me hopeful.

The thing is, I may regret a bad "time". A bad mile. But I will never regret, having done the time to put into my mileage.

After my initial "warm up" mile, I found my pace. At first I was only going to attempt to do 2 miles. It was awfully cold out. But once my feet set the pace, and my lungs kept their steady rhythm, I knew I could push for 3.

I wanted to stop and walk half way through mile 2. I just kept repeating. Strength. Strength for those who don't have it. Strength for those who need it. Strength for my family. God is strength.

God is my strength.

As a Christian, I often find it hard to lay all my burdens on Christ. I mean...it should come natural right? But it doesn't. It's natural for us to want to be in control.
Whether you're a believer or not, whether you agree with religion or not, the truth is, we as humans can not control everything little thing. Whether you choose to find your strength in something that is seen versus unseen, we all need somewhere we can give it over. I choose to give mine over to God.

I was able to use God's strength to carry me through, a pretty decent clip, the last 1.75 miles I needed to pump out.

My legs felt lighter and my lungs kept up. (Normally I hate running in the cold, especially the wind & cold. I find it impossible to breath, breathing's important.)

Whatever the next few months bring, I know that I can always find myself, and God's strength while out on a run. The purpose to keep going. The prayers to keep me sane.

The ability to just feel alive. That is why I run.

Have a blessed weekend everyone, I will try to post tomorrow.