Friday Fitness: Yoga

(OOPS! This totally should have posted yesterday...looks like I hit the wrong button!)

It is my sincere hope that when you read this that I will have accomplished waking up early, and tackling a power yoga session. (I'm writing this Thursday night). Tomorrow is probably going to be a bit crazy so, I'm not sure I will be able to get behind a keyboard.

Wish me luck.

In case you are counting calories, Thursday's meal plan was pretty low calorie so I added a Chocolate Spinach Protein Shake. Helped with the calories but didn't have quite enough protein yesterday. I'll really need to make sure I pay attention to eating enough protein tomorrow...or rather today.

Here's some morning inspiration for you Friday Fitness Routine...

In order to ensure that I'm getting up early tomorrow, I am heading to bed around 10:30pm. I have lunch and my snacks packed. Breakfast will be easy. Easy access to gym clothes, laid out...although I am just going to accomplish this workout in my living room, which will doubly ensure that I get up for the workout.

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Have a blessed day everyone,