Cleaning House

I keep track of my macro nutrients, which is basically making sure that I get the correct amount of carbs/protein/fat in a day.

The last couple days I haven't done great with getting enough protein & I have been craving CHOCOLATE like crazy! I had more carbs then protein today and I'm feeling a little...twicthy...I'm full right now but will probably need to eat some protein here in about 30mins. I wasn't able to get a good workout in, but I did clean my house for about 2hrs. So maybe it's not all that bad?

I think I just freak out because I can't see exactly what is happening on the inside of my body. I kept everything I ate today very clean. Stayed away from all the allergens I'm suppose to be staying away from. I did keep it low carb at each meal..meaning no more than 45-60grams of carbs per each meal/snack. I'm hoping that's what will save me from getting my sugars out of whack.

It's frustrating not being able to see what is happening inside of my body. Are my sugars good? Am I still eating the way I am suppose to?

I suppose this is where my trust in my diet, my doctors, and most especially God really comes into play. Remembering to let go of what is stressing me out, is the most helpful thing I can do for myself. Self care is a really hard thing for some of us. I've been saying no to chocolate for 3 days now. I just haven't been able to shake off wanting some, I added a little to my pancakes tonight, because it's late and all I really wanted was to sit and relax. There was no time to make the Chicken pot pie recipe. Hopefully I'll be able to make it tomorrow.

Sometimes motivation finds us and moves us. Other times we have to find motivation and force ourselves to move. 

I went shopping with my sister and mom today. Nothing major, one Goodwill stop and homeward bound we went. But I noticed that as I was changing into some shorts (I swear I am trying to will warm weather into existence. Not that I don't like cold weather or the snow, just I REALLY LIKE warm weather! It's running weather. It's fun weather.) I noticed my quads are actually starting to take some shape. It's things like that-that help me become more confident with my body. That keep me heading towards my goals, when all I really want is to just sit and watch the Walking Dead. I did tell myself I would rest tomorrow. As in, all day, after lifting, come home and watch Scandal on Netflix until I have to go to work for a Spa Event. It's knowing that ahead of time I have scheduled something something, de-stressing, and relaxing that keeps me pushing forward.

Where did you find your motivation today? Tonight?

On a completely different note, and totally, TOTALLY off topic from my in church I learned of a website called A21. It is a non-profit organization that works together to abolish human trafficking.Their hope is to prevent human trafficking through awareness and education. Provide it's victims through restoration practices (such as therapy, and whatever else they might need.); Pursuing justice by prosecuting human traffickers. And to partner with people like us to to fight for freedom together.
I am pretty pumped about this organization. Meaning, I think this would be an amazing cause to give towards. I am going to take time to think about how I can help partner with this organization. Seriously, go check out the organization. 

Worthy, worthy cause.

Blessings Everyone,