Letting Go and Finding Joy through Yoga & Prayer

I'm not really sure what to title today's post. I have been SUPER cranky lately. Who knows what it is? No seriously, if you know why I'm grumpy, that would be good to know because I just can't seem to figure it out! Does any else have days like this?

It's days like this...weeks like this... that remind why I am choosing to practice something different this Lent. (Even though I'm not Catholic, I always like this time of year because it gives me time to focus on the emotional, spiritual, and mental side of being healthy. Or rather shaping up my insides to match my outsides.

Normally most people give up beer, or sweets, or food that they've been craving or feel they are a slave too. This is a great idea! If you are doing this keep at it!! I have decided this year to focus on finding more joy, or being joyful.

I've been hanging onto a lot of stress lately. Some or even most of it can't be formulated into words. Today, while I was praying I just started saying Lord help me let go. 

I wouldn't mind going to the gym after work, but I'm also just exhausted. I think I need a nap & I need to restore my mental health tonight.

I've settled on 1hr of yoga. Fluid movements, concentrating on my breath and holding power moves like chaturanga.

I also plan to sit in meditation for 6 minutes to just clear my head & not think. Just be present with my breath. 

I'm very much looking forward to unwinding this bad mood & unlocking my joy.

Blessings Everyone,