Not just a regular Valentines Day Post

I found some awesome pictures to motivate our Valentines Day Weekend...albeit it's a bit late if you're trying to squeeze a workout in, but save them for next year!

While most people see Valentine's Day as a day to celebrate couples, it's also a great day to look for love in other places. For instance, in your parents, from your parents, from your siblings, friends, kids, heck...even yours pets give you tons of love. While they won't buy you fancy gifts or take you to dinner they will unconditionally love you while they are alive. Your pets I mean.
The fanciest thing my husband did for me today, was take time out of his busy schedule today to bring me Starbucks. Definitely not diet friendly...especially not PCOS friendly, but we all deserve a treat. It's simple things like that-that really add up. Valentine's Day was never a big deal at my house. We lost my paternal grandfather on Valentines Day many years ago & for a while it was a dark day in our house. After I met my husband, we ended seeing scary movies on most Valentine's Day Weekends. Last year...he got my 2 pink pocket knives. The man knows me.

This is how to dress to go to the gym in February...for Valentines Day...with a smile...and a pink scarf!

But practicing self love is also a great idea on Valentine's Day. A day that suppose to be a "singles awareness day" or "mushy couples lovey day" can really be about taking time and appreciating those who mean the most to you.
 Check out this fun 2min 30second video over at the History channel on the history of Saint Valentines Day.

Head over to Running with Ollie for some runner girl Valentine's Gift Ideas...although these gift ideas will work...ALL YEAR ROUND, lol

Blessings Everyone,