Shrove Tuesday is Pancake Day Part Deux

I wish I could have posted earlier, but I had one of those mornings where several days attacked me all at once. I had to cancel some things. Move other things around. Still fit in a workout. Get my house cleaned and attempt to smile at my wonderful hubby as he left for work today.

At least some days I feel this way anyway. Luckily tonight's dinner is easy...which might bump me back up to the trophy wife status.

Breakfast for dinner. EVERYONE loves breakfast for dinner. If you don't..then we can't be friends....okay we can be friends but I will constantly question your dinner food choices. Not out loud...just silently.

I wrote my first Shrove Tuesday Post last year which included a recipe for nanacakes. Basically banana pancakes. Since last year I have also gone on to make my FAVORITE paleo pancake & a high protein pancake-- although I think I finally perfected the high protein pancake...

I think I have perfected it!
1 scoop protein powder of your choice. I use Raw Vegan Sunwarroir, chocolate, it's very thick!
1 egg
1 tsp stevia (to make paleo use agave nectar--I went low carb)
1 tsp cinnamon
about 2-3 tablespoons of unsweetened almond milk
1/4cup canned pumpkin puree 

Mix together while skillet heats at a 375 degree temp. Melt coconut oil on skillet, then drop 1/4 cup of mixture onto melted oil. Let it completely brown on one side, then flip. So good! I top it with 2 tbsp of almond butter & 1/2 cup mixed berries.

As a Christian, personally too, I feel that Easter is really the biggest Holiday. Or rather that it Should be. Christ died for me. He was born yes, so we should REALLY celebrate that, but everything that he endured up till the time of the cross, I just can't help but think about how his death meant I had "new life". That I could live forever in the kingdom in Heaven because God gave his son as a sacrifice for me. Little grouchy whiney impatient me. When Shrove Tuesday rolls around...even though I'm not catholic, I always begin to contemplate everything that I love about my faith. What it means to me and my life.
I had been a "Christian" most of life. I went to church, sat in the pew, almost never lsitened to the sermon. But about 4 years ago now...It was just before Easter and I heard a sermon that I can't even put into words. It really made sense. I understood why Christ died for me. I knew what my faith meant. I became a believer then, not just a Christian. I rededicated myself back to God. It's always with some trepidation that I say that I'm a Christian because I think some people think "oh here we go again, another hypocrit stepping up to the soap box."
No one is prefect. Only God. Only Jesus. So I won't explain all the reasons why I kind of stink as a Christian, but I will say that being a believer has given me hope in times when I thought my world was lost. It kept me from giving up. That's all I can say to that. At least...on here.

The reasoning behind Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday is that back in the middle ages, people would use up all the things that would go bad or spoil over the next 40 days. It's a tradition that my family practiced back when I was a kid and I look forward to it every year. Read the full article on Share Faith. It's short, not preachy but gives a great history lesson.

My client is here. Gotta Run. For more healthy Paleo Pancake recipes check out the Daily Burn for more!

Blessings Everyone! (P.s. sorry if there are errors, I was in a rush!)