Strong Mind

It was hard today to say no to the goodness at the theater this afternoon. And while it could have been easy to just say "yeah, I'll count this as a cheat meal." but I had started to get a control on my acne. I had to remind myself "you feel grumpy when you eat that way. You're trying to reduce your sugar intake."

Do you ever wish that thinking through the choices between good and negative were easy? That you didn't have to think through every little choice that goes into your mouth?

Keep going. When those days seem tough and not worth it, keep going. Gain strength. Knowledge.
Pretty proud to say since I planned ahead that I was able to conquer the cravings. Still working towards prepping for my sugar detox. The book is pretty good so far. She has a lot of good points.
Slowly cutting out the sugar and removing it from the house is going okay. Slowly getting rid of it is easier and better than outright cutting it out. Less overwhelming. Not as stressful.

Set your intention for the week. 1 day at time. Take each moment slow and plan ahead. I'm going to continue to read the book this week and get my workouts in amidst a busy schedule. But I will do it for me, because I love my body & honor my health.

Blessings Everyone, hope you had a great Sunday!