Our Super Bowl Run might have been a bit late, but unlike the actual teams 1 Bronco's Fan & 1 Green Bay Packers Fan had a great run today & won!

Papa and I had a great time! I was a bit nervous this morning when I work up especially since my last race was back in October & I haven't been quite putting in the miles like I used too. I've done that though for specific reasons. (I'll talk about that in a different's girl stuff haha ::winky face::)
Dad as well has cut way back on his miles. He's not quite a foot taller than me but definitely has a wider leg span than mine, I was a bit nervous about keeping up with him.

You can still see the snow on the ground but the weather was GREAT! Once we actually started running I had to take off my gloves and my ear warmer because I was getting over heated. There is definitely a happy medium of comfort when it comes to running. Knowing how to layer is key. It takes practice but I remember reading to dress for weather that is 20 degrees warmer than what you are actually running in. When I first started out I set a decent pace but it was off from when I was running in the fall, by two whole minutes. I kicked it into gear but kept in mind that I still had two more miles ahead of me. Once we crossed the half way mark I started to lose my dad a bit. I was enjoying the run & although I knew it was timed I forgot there was an award ceremony afterward. Not thinking anything of trying to place or do well, I stopped and waited for my dad. He motioned me for me to just keep going so I took off. I came in at 31 minutes & some odd seconds.

It wasn't my best, my best time for a 5k is at 28 minutes but it was icy out this morning. I slowed at those parts as I don't want to go out with a broken ankle anytime soon. I finished strong.  I remember when I ran the Midnight run a few years back and I just barely limped across the finish line. Flash forward to today and I'm taking hills and jumpin' over ice and finishing strong across the finish line.

Then this...

Dad won 1st place for most fanatic fan!

1st in his age group!


Finished on a great note! Now heading to my hubby's surprise Walking Dead Surprise Birthday Party!!! I can't wait to see the smile on his face when he sees this cake! Not Paleolithic :( and no, I could in way way accomplish something this awesome. LO. That's what cake ladies are for! Sorry...cake people. Some bakers are guys...I digress. 

Blessings everyone! 


You have such an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading your posts. All the best for your future blogging journey.
Amanda Goe said…
Thank you for reading! It's always good to hear from readers!