Day 10: Herbal Tea is Our Friend

I officially made it through day 9...and I can say I made it! No doughnuts!

This detox for me has been weird. Other than the two false starts this last week I make it through most days but some days like yesterday I just get this obsession with wanting sugar. I fixate on it and can not let it go. But then today, day 10...nothing.

Mostly. It was out of sight, out of mind. They had these delicious frosted sugar cookies from a cookie shop in town and these cookies are the type that you would probably kill for, if it was the zombie apocalypse. (We're getting caught up on the Walking Dead...that's why I'm posting so late.)

So those are totally not Paleo or Sugar Detox approved's the'd make them if you had too.

I mostly kept covering up the cookies with napkins and paper plates when I was in the break room. It was hard...really hard for my mouth not to salivate, but physically that was it. My body was like "eh...whatever...don't need it." but my brain "EAT IT! EAT IT NOW! They just melt in your mouth and they..." 

I prevailed though, I also said no to the cookies, I also made sure I wasn't in the break room very long. Removing myself from the temptation to other things that were good. Focusing on good things, helps put us in a more positive mind frame. Focusing on the negative and thinking "stay away from cookies, cake, sugar, candy" well...the very sentence has you saying those can you not focus on them when you're trying NOT to think about them.

Instead...change your focus. Concentrate on fruits like kiwi or grapes which help with those sugar cravings. Another one of Diane's tips was to drink herbal tea. I have a cup of spearmint tea every morning and a calming tea at night. I look forward to each cup. She talks a bit about a tea called Kombucha. It is suppose to be really good for your digestive system.

I also have been creating flavored waters. That helps me through the day as well. Usually chopped cucumber with fresh mint, or blueberry with fresh juice from an orange. Tonight's creation was 1 pint of blackberries, a few sage leafs, and some slices of fresh ginger, with about 6+ cups of water. I throw it all in a pitcher overnight and let the juices just float and mix together. I have a pampered chef pitcher that has a quick stir in it. So basically, if I pump the stick in the lid up and down it stirs the ingredients together. Works great. Something to look into anyway, if that floats your boat, otherwise you can always use a whisk and a regular pitcher to stir the old fashioned way ;)

The blackberry, sage, and ginger mix is for relaxation and digestion.

I am having issues uploading pictures right now, so I will have to show you my creation then, as well as show you my GREEN waffles from last night.

Alright everyone it is after 11pm & my pillows are starting to sing to me.

Blessings, hope everyone had a great Wednesday & thank you for following on this journey. I think of you when I start to get tempted beyond reason, I want to show you that it can be done.