Day 15 Mindful Monday

My mood has definitely improved.

This was my day 15 quote in the email. It' so true. I'm learning that I can be in control of sugar. I can control when I want a snack, not just because I feel like snacking or because I feel like I "need" some sugar. I'm telling you today is hard...I could really use a cough drop because my throat is sore from allergy drainage, but there's sugar in I take it because it will help or can I rough it out? I could try salt water...but for now I'll stick with hot tea and no honey :(

I'm in the homestretch I'm really excited about it! Some days I think I will go beyond the 21 days and other days, I think "I can't wait to bake!"

This diet has opened my eyes to new recipes, labels, and new food items like eggplant...I've never tried it before, it's actually REALLY good.

Alright everyone, it was a long weekend, I'm going to bed...

I think the overall message I have is to just not be afraid to try new things. Do what works for your body. Keep moving forward. Don't be discouraged. I had two false starts on this diet. It took me years to reach this point with my weight, with how confident & happy I am. Don't get me wrong, I have my bad days, but you have to keep moving forward.

Alright...I gotta get to bed...