Day 2 of my Sugar Detox

I must have all kinds of excuses for not being able to post 7 days a week...and I'm sure all of them start and end with "BUT I WAS WORKING!" Lol...I love what I do. I love helping people feel good about themselves, as well as helping them reconnect with their bodies. Encouraging people to pay attention to when your shoulders get to close to your ears or when your calves are tight from working out or walking to much. Sure working commission has it's ups and downs and the nature of the beast is "as surely as it will go up it will go down." But I still love it. In order to compensate some of the downs I picked up a part time job with causal hours. I worked from 10am-10pm yesterday, getting behind a computer after working with 15 people yesterday...well...typing just wasn't on my radar.

I am blessed that I am to make decisions like that though. Not everyone can say that. I'm not complaining, I suppose just always constantly asking for your forgiveness when I don't post every day. But life is chaotic, nothing is perfect...except I suppose it's okay that I don't post every day. I also suppose this will be the last time I post an apology for missing 1 day. Now when I go 3 or 4 days without posting, then I'll be sure to make it up with doubly awesome posts!


Day 1 & 2!

I must have forgotten what it's like to completely avoid sugar. Someone said the word cookie yesterday and I almost ran to the break room to see what kind.

Not to eat, just to smell...maybe look at...touch...I'm nosey about other people's desserts. As I walked through the break room I even looked around for the cookies...I thought...what are you doing? You're in TOTAL detox mode now! I wasn't too upset. The deal is I had eaten corn Sunday night at our family dinner...trips were made to places...places that didn't smell the same after...that's all I'm sayin'. I had a definite reminder of what "bad food" does to good tummies.
The cookies were easy to not look at after that.
On break I turned down a diet soda...fake sugar, plus it can clean your toilet...why do we drink this stuff anyway?
Today, after I had eaten a...please read the disgust in my voice here...BURNT...PUMPKIN...SEED. UGH! I tried to find something that could neutralize my breath and get the taste out of my mouth.
Well...gum isn't allowed on the detox plan either, as it has real or fake sugar in it.

Guess what else gum has in it??? SOY!!! new plan is to purchase an extra tooth brush and a travel size tube of tooth paste to keep at work until further notice. I'll let you know when that changes.

Today was better but I thought for a brief second (Due to burnt pumpkin seed...the horror!)
about eating a piece of dried peache, but that undoubtedly has added sugar.

What I have learned today though is eating the Sweet Potato Chips from Simple Organic added sugars. Great source of fiber & naturally high in Vitamin A! Vitamin A promotes growth, is good for the immune system, reproduction, and vision.

Even though I'm only on day two I still thought ahead to when this detox will be over. Which will be March 23rd! I eagerly remembered Easter is in April this year...this may not be a good sign.
If I have thoughts like these already...I can only imagine what next week will be like.

I will also tell you when the moodiness & the dreams start...those are the best stories! Because this literally is a detox. To cleanse my insides. Reduce inflammation and to keep the PCOS in track.

I do get daily emails for encouragement though!
She even sends you food suggestions in case you aren't following the plan by the book in
BREAKFAST | Breakfast sausage with onion, peppers and spinach  

LUNCH | Tuna and shredded carrots in lettuce boats, avocado, green apple 

DINNER | Baked chicken thighs seasoned with coconut oil or ghee, salt and pepper, broccoli and summer squash   

SNACK | hard boiled eggs, walnuts

She also includes testimonies from people's day (the same day that your on as well)...look into it, It's a great idea...but I'm still mostly feeling positive from day 1 "I think I can, I think I can"

Alright...I am almost out of here for the night! Hope you all had a great Tuesday!