Day 2: Reboot

I'm not sure if it's starting over, or if the limited sugar intake leading up to this detox has finally hit me or something else entirely, but I'm exhausted. But I made it through's really a day where I could really "use" some sugar.

I wasn't feeling the gym either. The only thing that kept me wanting to actually go was you guys. Whoever you are. Whoever may be reading. It's fun to see my ticker go up and sometimes down from the amount of people who tune in to read a post or just check out my page. Thank you.

Today, I just kept thinking, maybe my journey is encouraging someone else. Maybe I can push forward to achieve my goals for others.

I was very occupied with avoiding my thoughts. I wanted a break from the chaos of the day to day of right now. 

I went to the gym. It was a quick lifting session anyway. About 40mins. I even listened to Nickle Creek on Pandora & for some reason that really seemed to work. The light guitar strings and upbeat melody yet sometimes haunting lyrics it kept me pushing through my workout.

It was a pretty day today. The kind that makes the soul smile. Look for inspiration and motivation anywhere you can find it.

I only have 1 day left of Week 8 of my 12 Week lifting plan. That will put into phase 3 of the Jaime Eason's Live Fit program. I'm excited with my progress. I do know that I want to concentrate more on my lower body after this program is over.

Today, it's simple things. Having you as a reader. The warm weather. And the fact that no matter what, I still accomplished a few healthy tasks.

I hope whatever life brought you today that if you couldn't push through it for you, that you thought of someone to push through for.

Today was for you.