Day 7! Officially 1 week!!

Today, food wise was a bit of a success. I have officially made it 1 week! Only 2 more weeks to go...yay....

I finally got to make the Grain Free Nacho Pot's SUPER low carb (7 whole grams) and very high in protein, about 50grams...per serving. I made it into 4 servings, I only added cheese to the hubbies. I did add an extra egg to the not "corn" bread pie topping and salsa that did not include or have added sugar & passed the fooducate website qualifications.

It was a bit dry but incredibly good. It was a lot easier than I thought to make as well.

Keep trying new things. Find what works for you & keep it simple. Life is hard enough.

Blessings Everyone, hope you had a great Sunday!