Day 9...why am I craving doughnuts?

I can't even tell you the last time I had doughnuts...wait...yes I can...It was in January. But before a real doughnut, a real cake baked cinnamon, frosted, sprinkled doughnut from the doughnut bakery in town?

I can't remember...I admittedly miss them. I'm not even sure why. I got some blood work back for my PCOS, so far nothing PCOS related popped up by my thyroid was a little off, but that's just kind of life I think. I'm excited because that means I really am managing my PCOS diet beautifully. And knowing that I am doing well & not constantly going crazy with cheat meals, makes me want to stay on track...mostly. Only mostly...

I'm not sure if I am having delayed withdrawal from the sugar or what, but I am pretty low in energy today & the only thing I really want in this planet is a friggin doughnut.

I will not start adding sugar, naturally added, back into my diet until April though...lucky for me that's only 2 and a half weeks away. OOOH wait, I can start back in the 30th, lol...I don't think I'm doing this right if I'm looking forward to sugar.

Tonight in celebration of Saint Patty's Day I am planning on adding green food coloring to some paleo pancakes or waffles tonight, along with adding green peppers and green onions to our eggs. I will make the hubby some sausage but turns out there is sugar in bacon so for now I won't eat bacon.
However, I am going to have kiwi fruit for dessert!

All the green! I will post an awesome picture tomorrow, but here's the gist from Pinterest.

And on a random note, this is something I needed to hear today...

OOOH and in case you need to be told that Guinness has health you go :)

Happy Saint Pat's everyone!

Blessings Everyone,