Days 12 & 13

For giggles today, I wanted to post a before and after picture. The hubs & I said our I do's a few years ago this month, to celebrate all that's happened the last few years I wanted to post this picture. I could..or should probably get better "after" photos taken, but for now, I thought it might be kind of fun to post my photo. 

I think it's about a 50lb difference? I lost weight for our wedding (if you can believe that or not) but quickly gained it back afterward. I got to thinking about my progression of when I started running again, as it lined up with. I tried to lose weight before the wedding, because I was petrified of looking bad on our wedding day.

My mom had lost 40lbs before my wedding & looked absolutely amazing...I was partially afraid I would be out shown by her. (Silly to think that-that was an actual worry...1st world problem, much?)

I started "running" years ago, as a sophomore in high school. It didn't last long but the physical movement was very cathartic for me, during a time that is particularly hard for any teenager...after a breakup. Then I met my hubs & after we began dating I didn't really run much. I exercised here and there but nothing consistent. It was in 2011 when I signed up for my first "race" ever. I was going to do a two mile walk, but I wanted to run it. I trained, like a total newbie. Not really sure what to do, way wrong shoes...probably didn't even fit my feet right. I got out there & did it though. Then when I saw my brother run his 5k, I knew that's what I wanted! I wanted to train to run with him.

I wasn't really sure what to do. I didn't even really read anything on how to train for a 5k. I just decided run as far as you can as fast as you can. Walk if you have to, but never stop. I was persistent. I had a great first partner. She was incredibly encouraging. From that race on it was all about the next challenge the next race. Running became what I needed to do during the week to channel my energies and my emotions.

I talk a lot about running. I love it, a lot. It's more than just being healthy for me, it helps organize my thoughts and channel my energies.

This is what exercise should be for everyone. It's not about being skinny. It's about getting more out of life. More time with those you love most. Feeling more confident in your skin.

Is there something you are afraid to do? Warriors are the types of people who have fear but choose to look fear in the face and move forward.

Do you have any fears that are keeping you from achieving your dreams? Are you self sabotaging?

My addiction to sugar has been a hard crutch to break. I have often used food to comfort me. Especially sugar. And while there's nothing wrong with having it every once in a while, I needed to remember that too much sugar, is detrimental to my well being. And that I needed to deal with my emotions rather than eat them. I'm about half way through my journey... and while I haven't seen a ton of changes on the outside...I am feeling them on the inside. The irritation is starting to subside.

I like that I am more able to recognize when my body might NEED sugar versus when I WANT sugar. The need comes before or after a run, the want comes when I'm stressed or tired. Diane's 21 Day Sugar Detox is definitely changing my habits. Which is what needed to happen.

Trust me, I can't wait to start eating Lara Bars again...but at least when I know when I go back to eating them that I'll be in control of consuming it rather than it controlling me.

Also thanks to Diane's plan...I'm eating things like...salmon for breakfast! What??? Yeah...that's totally a thing. I never really thought of breakfast other than eggs, pancakes, apples, hash browns...typical breakfast food, but the very meaning of breakfast is to take a break from your fasting.  I wish my blogger was linking with my phone...because I would totally show you a picture of my breakfast but, it's being weird & I don't get it. Technology!

Alright's time to eat again & then get back to work. I pray you all have a great weekend, I am not sure if I will get to post tomorrow, we've got Super Aunt & Uncle duty tonight & tomorrow plus a house project to do but I will post if I can.

Thank you for reading & following me on this journey.


Anonymous said…
You are inspiring me. I was just looking at the site today. I am loosing weight but very slowly and I think it is because of stress sugar cravings! I need to get strong!
Amanda Goe said…
Aww thank you, sometimes I'm still not sure I'm doing this diet detox right but one day at a time!
You can do it, you've done it before! Tap back into that strength!