Fangirl Saturday

Day 6...I can't stop thinking about sugar. No dreams yet, but I have been consuming whole grains. Quinoa, gluten free steel cut oats...maybe that's what's keeping the edge off? The temptations are easy enough to ignore when I'm occupied. Harder when I'm hungry.

I can't even promise I'm doing this detox right, but I'm trying to keep in mind all the rules. Pretty much just sticking with no added sugar until April. I want to make sure the added sugar I do consume starting in April will be all natural and on a very limited basis.

I will need to start adding back in sugar though, as I have begun "training" for a 5k in April...I got a little ballsy and registered as a timed runner. EEeek! We'll see how it goes.

If you're a crazy fangirl like myself, don't judge me...I'm catching up on everything Supernatural, it's funny to see Dean detoxing from booze & burgers...don't tell me what happens! We have 4 more episodes to catch up on!!

This afternoon I got out for a run. The weather has been amazing! The first mile was better than the second mile but I got it done.

Digging deep to find motivation can be hard. What is driving you and pushing you? Having great legs or another day with your family? Having a bubble butt or making sure you're exercising enough to keep our blood sugar levels down? Not consuming all things booze and burgers related to help get over that mark of cain? (oh! #Sorrynotsorry #fangirlmoment)
When I get registered for events it's what helps drive me to keep going. It helps me stay focused on my goals. Kind of like how the Winchesters keep putting away demons and monsters with each job. One less monster on the planet. Saving more people's lives. (There I go again.)

Try signing up for an event, or commit to a 12 week class. Talk to your doctor and find out what will be best for you.  You're worth the journey to be healthy.

Blessings everyone, hope you had a good Saturday!