Foiled Again!

Ugh! I made it all the way to Day 15 & the peanuts I consumed on Monday apparently had Maltodextrin in them...awesome. With 5 days left I'm going to be a rebel & say I'm not starting ALL THE WAY OVER AGAIN. However, what I will do is extend my 21Sugar Detox an extra week. So instead of it being over this Sunday, it will be over on Easter, which will make the day even sweeter.

I made a quick decision over the weekend with out checking the label...I mean they're peanuts...seriously. I guess it just depends on brand, but I didn't really think peanuts would be an issue. I feel like with every label I read and every time I decide to cut out "added ingredients & chemicals" I'm one step closer to a whole 30 diet...which in reality would just be a whole diet, right? Haha...ooohhh, anyway...

Today's Wordy Wednesday, I wanted to focus a little more on my "Lenten Goal" (not Catholic but it's never a bad idea to do something that brings you closer to God.)

My "Lenten Goal" this year was to be learn to be more joyful. Joyce Meyer often says this in her weekly shows, and in her daily devotionals. "The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. (Jesus) I came that (we) they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows). John 10:10 AMP

The point of being a Christian is that we have a more Christ like attitude. Do we? Probably not. While most people would tell me that I'm a bright and cheery person, I also have a lot of bad days where I'm grumpy & irritated. Not that those days aren't going to happen, but I could meet them with a little more grace & joy when they do come. I had been pretty down about some of my PCOS related stuff for awhile. I realized, after talking with my hubby, I just needed to be more joyful.

That has been my goal, is when I am stressed or overwhelmed is to tap into that joy that flows from Christ. One particular thing that helped me this past week was realizing that "My hope comes from the Lord." God is the inventor of hope. If I don't have enough hope, I can think of God. Last week it occurred to me God has an endless supply of hope. So even though I may hope for one outcome, his plan is ultimately better than mine, so I can hope to more aligned to his plan. Or find hope in whatever it is he has planned.

With my sugar detox..."half done" (ugh to starting over again-ish) my mood has finally improved. I don't need sugar as much as I thought. Cutting it out completely out of my diet has proved to be difficult from the simple fact that when I'm rushed, I don't read labels. It is bonkers that sugar is in everything that it is in!

I'm finding joy in trying new recipes, cleaning up my diet, and I'm really enjoying that my hormones are on track. While I'm not perfect, I'm doing the best I can.

Find a challenge to do. With only a week and half till Easter, try reading some of the bible each day. Praying on your way to work. Heck...attempt to give up sugar until Easter. It's never to late to try and connect with God.

This last week my mood has definitely improved. It's been somewhat of a journey to get to this point, but every day is better than the last. With that, I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday & I will be back with a New Recipe post tomorrow!

Blessings everyone,


Anonymous said…
I'm on day 3 of cutting the sugar and boy was I grumpy last night, lol. Don't worry though, you are amazing! And Easter is closer than you think.
Amanda Goe said…
Thank you Amy! Good luck! The first couple days are the hardest!